Romanian Barbie Collectors meeting

March 17, 2019

For years our community has been very small. The reasons is quite simple: most of us, the generation that now collects dolls, did not have access to a big variety of Barbie dolls growing up. In the 80s, during the communist regime, getting a Barbie doll was a struggle, and the 90s they were quite expensive.

But things are slowly changing. More and more people are being open minded about this world of collectors (dolls or other things), and we have now a lot more opportunities of acquiring our favorite dolls.

This year, as you all know, marks Barbie’s 60th anniversary so the Romanian collectors have gathered in Bucharest to celebrate this pecial occasion.

I could not be present because I am moving houses and relocating to my hometown, but I wanted to share with you some images from this anniversary party organized by Catina Lundin (Lundin PR) and Silvia Mirea.

Catinca and Silvia

How have you celebrated Barbie’s bday?

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