2018 Barbie Colors of India special edition

May 22, 2018

Mattel India has released this month a new special edition of six Barbie dolls that visit and represent different landmarks in India. The series is called Barbie Colors of Indiais inspired by several cultural aspects of India. What I find fascinating about this series is the face and body of Barbie is the one used in the late 90s/early 2000s in the US and Europe and has nothing to do with what we think now about Barbie. I am not saying this in bad way as I love that face and think these dolls are absolutely stunning!. Check them out below.

Barbie in India Visits Hawa Mahal

Barbie in India Visits Taj Mahal

Barbie in India Visits Mysore Palace

Barbie in India Visits Sikkim’s Gompas

Barbie in India Visits Ajanta Caves

Barbie in India Visits Madurai Palace

All these dolls are only available in India, but you may try to buy them off

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