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Fresh stuff from The Fresh Dolls

August 6, 2018

I have to say I admire so much the dive and passion of Dr. Lisa, the genius behind The Fresh Dolls. She really is working so hard on developing a line of AA dolls that are super cute and budget friendly.

Right now a few new dolls are joining The Fresh Squad. First is a doll created in collaboration with MyFroggyStuff, one of the best and most popular doll vloggers/influencers. I have said this on Instagram and I am going to say it here again. From the bottom of my heart I applaud this collaboration. Why you ask? Because I think it is time doll companies started collaborating with doll influencers. Ok, our world is not as big as the beauty or fashion world where such collaborations are a daily occurrence, but it is a shame most companies just choose to ignore this influencer marketing strategy. Such amazing dolls would come out of these kind of collaborations because influencers know (sometimes) better what the collector market wants from a doll so ignoring them is a loss for the company.

Anyway, you can preorder the MyFroggStuff doll HERE. She has a new sculpt and is adorable!

Then we have the long awaited male dolls: Daniel, Malik and Anthony. We really need more male dolls. Just look at how many collectors are asking Mattel for an articulated line of MtM Ken dolls and so far nothing is being done about that. Well we now have the Fresh Boys. You can preorder them HERE.

So what do you think of these dolls? Are you getting them? Do you think we need more male and influencer inspired dolls?

Barbie News Playline

2018 Holiday Barbie dolls playline edition

It still is summer, but the 2018 Holiday Barbie dolls playline edition have been previewed and they are quite different from what we normally expect from a Holiday/Christmas Barbie doll. Up until now almost all of the dolls had elaborate and full length gowns,…

July 29, 2018