May 28th, 2015

Wizard of Oz Fantasy Glamour Glinda 2015 Barbie doll

The Barbie Collection website has a few sneaks of upcoming dolls on the bulletin board. We have all three 2015 Holiday Barbie dolls (including the Kmart variation) and a new doll. The Kmart variation has copper hair and a Mackie face. Cute, but not for me.

The Glinda doll is nice and I love the Aphrodite face, but I want to see IRL images first before deciding if I want her or not.

Wizard of Oz Fantasy Glamour Glinda (CJF31)
Designer: Linda Kyaw
Label: Gold
Body Type: Model Muse
Release Date: June 2015


May 26th, 2015

NOT A RUMOUR! Moschino Barbie 2015!

I’ve just read on a Spanish Barbie group (‎Una Vitrina Llena de Tesoros y amigos) that there will be a Moschino Barbie this year after all! I don’t know any more details but I’m really excited. I saw the promotional Moschino Barbie at IDC 2015 and she was soooo cute. I wonder what fashions will this one use.

Moschino barbie 2015


Later edit: It’s not a romour! Here she is on Amazon (Click). You can preorder her HERE (Click) also.

May 21st, 2015

My Time at the Italian Doll Convention 2015 Part 3 – Videos

I managed to upload four videos from IDC 2015 on my YouTube chanel.

First two are from the Fashion Show. :)) Yes, they are hilarious!

Monica and Luis as Sugar Daddy Ken and his lady friend.

Mario and Sebastiano as Lucy and Ethel.

The moment I entered the ballroom for the gala dinner.

And finally the Sweet Delizia Barbie doll presentation. :X

May 20th, 2015

My Time at the Italian Doll Convention 2015 Part 2

Here I am, back again talking about my amazing experience at the 2015 Italian Doll Convention.

The most important event of the convention is, of course, the gala dinner. Before it we had a lovely time in the hotel lobby sipping some drinks and chatting with everybody and then we were welcomed to the ballroom where the gala dinner took place. I have a video of the moment when all the conventioneers were welcomed to the room but I’ll upload it later.

Needless to say everything looked amazing. My table was called Paella and my beautiful friend Monica was out table host. Together with Luis (Mon-Lew C&D) she created a beautiful and sweet table gift.


I don’t want to brag, but we had one of the best tables in the house! :D Here are some more images of our table gift.


In the middle of each table there was a center piece with a sweets cart made by Catia Destro and a blonde Barbie by Carlotta Mascaretti that was inviting you to take some sweets and just enjoy the evening. We also had a special guest: Rosa Lusa, a Portuguese conventioneer that travels around the world to all the conventions and spreads love and joy. You can see her journey HERE.

We also received a lot of amazing gifts from the other table guests. Here are some of them. I need to take a photo of everything I have received but my luggage is still all over the place. :D

Fake fur boa with jewelry made by Jesus Martinez of Designs Néo.

Gelato dress made by Marcelo Jacob for Marl B.

Lots of other accesories by Dani Crea en Rosa, Lula DB and the Madrid fashion Doll Show.

A very realistic Chanel supermarket cart gifted by Hafizh. :))


We got a tone of sweets, an AMAZING airplane travel kit from Doug Martinez, a fashion set also gifted by him and tons more. Too many things to count. :X

Just next to our table there was the display with all of the dolls that were won during the charity auction. They looked so much better IRL. I loved each and everyone of them.

The gala was full of all sorts of amazing moments. Marl B won the Barbie award for her special role in the Barbie and doll collectors community and Antonio Russo, Mario Paglino and Mattel announced a special Barbie expo that will take place in September in a museum in Milan. More info about it will be revealed soon.


At Ibrahim’s table I got to meet the amazing Joe Blitman. I was so nervous about this that I didn’t know what to say to him. =)) Yes, I know. Silly girl.

After we had some delicious food, drank an really, really nice white Italian whine, we saw a video from Mattel with 20 questions for each of the Barbie Collector designers: Bill, Linda, Robert and Carlyle. It was fun, but I would have liked to see some sneaks instead of this. I guess Mattel is even more obsessed now about controlling everything. Btw, hello there, Mattel legal department!!!! Are you enjoying my blog? Looking forward to more shitty emails from you! XOXO


Anyway, back to our convention. Just before the reveal of the convention doll, Mario announced the theme for next year’s convention: IDC Goes to the US! So much fun! I can’t wait to see what they have prepared for us. Doug Martinez, you promised you’ll attend. :X

As you already have seen, the convention doll is called Sweet Delizia and it was made by Magia 2000. I’ll be uploading later a video with the making of this doll. So much work and love went into this doll. More than 1000 hours of work so we can have a beautiful and unique doll. 25 of the conventioneers that helped with the convention got a pink variation of the doll. Really “hating” Rogier right now because he got one of them. :))

Sweet Delizia Barbie IDC 2015d

This beautiful evening ended with a dance party where we danced to Madonna’s music like crazy and relaxed. I think I got to the hotel at around 3 o’clock in the morning exhausted but happy.

This concludes the second part of my mini vacation at IDC 2015. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the Sunday sales room and the artists I saw over there.

May 19th, 2015

My time at the Italian Doll Convention 2015 Part 1

Life is back to normal. The 2015 IDC is now a sweet and cherished memory and I am finally home. This past weekend has been one of the best times I’ve ever had. Full of love, dolls and amazing friends. Yes, I have missed my baby boy A LOT and I talked about him non stop but everybody managed to make me feel amazing. I can honestly say just thinking about this past weekend brings tears of happiness to my eyes. The dolly world is amazing and full of beautiful people.

I arrived on the Linate airport on Friday and there I met Hafizh, a gorgeous soul and a sweet friend. Keep your eyes opened for this talented guy ’cause he’s about to launch some incredible fashions for dolls, inspired by Indonesia.


After meeting with his boss (he is part of the organizing team of the Indonesia pavilion at the World Expo that’s taking place in Milan) and a friend we went to our hotel, Regency Hotel. Unfortunately we weren’t able to book a room at Melia but this cute little hotel was perfect. I highly recommend it. Once we got to the hotel we were greeted by the uber talented Marcelo Jacob. I’m so glad I finally got to meet and spend time with this amazing guy. You can feel his passion, love and talent just by talking to him for 5 minutes. And his fashions… OMG! Mattel, pay attention to this guy. His doll fashions are exactly how a high end doll fashion should look.


Even if I was tired, we went to Melia to find Monica Nuñez del Castillo and greet everyone. Mario, Gianni, my beloved Francesco Ruffino and Ibrahim were also there and I got to meet Luis Gomez, Jonathan Nuñez Vizcaino, Javier Dominguez, Doug Martinez, Aaron Van Dijk and Alex Jauregui. A sweet present from Dani Crea en Rosa and the convention doll from the Portugal convention were waiting for me and Marcelo was also gifted me one of his amazing dresses. Trust me, the photos doesn’t do the dress justice.


We spent some time chatting and looking at the beautiful doll Mon-Lew C&D (Monica and Luis) created for the charity auction.

And that was it for Friday. On Saturday, early in the morning we got up, got our swag on and went back to Melia to register and get our gift bag.


We got lots of goodies in it. As always the bag from IDC is amazing. I also got a chance to see the raffle doll created by Aaron Van Dijk (AVD Doll) that another lucky collector won. :(( Yes, Monica and I are gelous.


Next stop, Rogier‘s workshop with miniatures. I forgot to sign up so I just went and took some pictures and then got to hang out with Ibrahim and Doug in the hotel’s lobby. The Juventus football team was staying at the hotel and everybody was excited about this. Everybody but us. :)) Who cares about football when you have dolls and gorgeous doll collectors to hang out with? :D


Did I mention how cool Rogier’s mom is?! OMG, so beautiful and sweet. :X Too bad I didn’t take a picture with her. :((

And then I got another dress from Marcelo. :)) This is my favorite. Marcelo found some vintage fabric from the UK and created this little piece of art. It even has pockets! And I have the prototype. :X


The evening started with the Fashion Show. Check out below some images made by my friend Francesco. I’ll upload my videos later.

Italian doll convention fahion show 2015

Posted by Francesco Ruffino on Saturday, May 16, 2015

It was a blast we had so much fun. But I’ll have to stop here for now. Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the dinner gala and the sales room so stay tuned!

May 14th, 2015

Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea dolls and playsets 2015

Just a quick post with some new Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea dolls and playsets. Tomorow I’m flying to Milano for the Italian Doll Convention 2015 so check out the blog and my Facebook page for lots and lots of updates from the convention. I’ll be live texting and posting images and videos.

Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Chelsea dolls

Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Chelsea1

Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Chelsea2

Barbie and Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Chelsea3

Barbie Chelsea and Lemonade Stand

Barbie Chelsea and Lemonade Stand

Barbie and Skipper with Jeep

Barbie and Skipper with Jeep2

Barbie Chelsea Doll with Puppy and Trike

Barbie Chelsea Doll with Puppy and Trike1

Barbie Chelsea Doll with Puppy and Trike2

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May 4th, 2015

New Modsdoll “Spica” doll

Modsdoll has released yesterday images of a new doll called Spica.


She’ll be released on 6th of May.9 AM(Korea time). Love her. Such a beautiful Asian sculpt. Be sure to follow this amazing company on Flickr and also check out their official website.

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May 4th, 2015

New Summer 2015 Barbie items

This summer is filled with lots of great sets from Barbie. Here are a few of them that are available now for preorder.

Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure Camper

Barbie 2015 Camper

Barbie and her Sisters Great Puppy Adventure 3 set

Barbie and her sisters great puppy adventure 01

Barbie Spin ‘N Ride Pups

Barbie Puppy Bycicle set

Barbie Advent Calendar 2015

Barbie Advent Calendar 2015

Barbie Twirling Ballerina 2015

Barbie Twirling Ballerina 2015

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May 4th, 2015

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015

This has got to be my favourite Silkstone Barbie from the past few years. Just perfect! From tip to toe. Her hair is amazing, the dress is not over the top but subtle and just plain gorgeous! Mattel will be getting my money for sure.

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015b

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015c

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015d

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015e

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015f

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015g

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015i

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone 2015j

Levender Luxe Barbie Silkstone is coming out August 1st and you can already preorder her from

April 28th, 2015

2015 Black and White Swans from The Black Swan Company

My dear Francesco is back creating for The Black Swan Company and his work is just as beautiful as ever. Behold the two new 2015 versions of the Swans.

White Swan 2015

Swan 2015

Welcome back, my dear. The doll world has missed you! :x

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