New 2018 Made to Move and other dolls

March 2, 2018

Lots of new dolls have been added to Amazon and some of them include the new Made to Move Barbie dolls and the new ambulance we have all been waiting from. Click on the names to go to the pages and order the ones that are available.

Barbie Large Rescue Vehicle

Chelsea with pets and train

Made to Move Yoga Curvy

Made to Move Yoga blonde

Made to Move AA 1

Made to Move AA 2

Made to Move Basetball player

Barbie bee keeper AA

Barbie bee keeper

Barbie Supermarket brunette

Barbie Supermarket blonde

Barbie computer scientist AA

Barbie computer scientist AA 2

Barbie computer scientist blonde

Barbie computer scientist asian

Barbie with accesories

Barbie with accesories AA

2018 Barbie Beauty Salon

2018 Barbie fashion plates blonde

2018 Barbie Beauty Salon AA

2018 Barbie fashion plates AA

Chelsea with castle

Some new fashion packs

2018 Dark AA Fashionista

Barbie Fashionista petite AA

Pfiu! Some many new dolls! I will be adding all the links for pre-order in a few hours, but first let’s talk about the dolls. Love the MtM and the scientist dolls! Pale skin for a Barbie! Yey. But, Mattel, please stop with the very light pink on the AA dolls. The Fashion Plates AA is STUNNING, but those lips… No.

So what is your favorite?

Barbie News Playline Sets

New 2018 Barbie Pink Passport doll sets

The Barbie Pink Passport series is a Toys R Us exclusive line and it has been for some time now quite a popular line. This year we already got to see the motorcycle Ken and the cute Camping adventure 2 doll set and now…

February 17, 2018
Barbie Fashionistas News

First wave of 2018 Fashionistas Dolls

We finally have detailed images of the first wave of 2018 Barbie Fashionistas dolls. I am really looking forward to the albino one! She is sooo cute. IMO the Fashionistas line is getting better and better. I only wish the quality of the dolls…

February 17, 2018
Barbie Collector Events

2018 Doll Conventions List

I have decided to compile a list of all the 2018 doll conventions that are happening all over the world. I will keep updating this list whenever I find something new and interesting. Please feel free to tell me info about any new convention…

February 13, 2018

Wycon + Barbie Liquid Lipsticks

Maybe a lot of you don’t know this but I am a huge makeup and skincare fan. I have an extensive collection of makeup (“only” about 80 lipsticks hahaha) and I am crazy about skin care. So you can imagine how super excited I…

January 6, 2018