July 11th, 2014

Updates on Haunted Beauty Barbie series and The Farway Forest Barbie series

Lots of very interesting things are happening over at Barbie Collector. First of allthere’s the Bill Greening video presentation of the new and absolutely gorgeous Faraway Forest™ Elf Barbie® Doll.

Farway Forest Barbie 2014

Can’t wait for her to launch. She’s a must!

Also Bill has announced that there will be 3 dolls from this series just like the Galactic series. The second doll is already in production and looks like her name will be White Woods according to the trademark info that Mattel has registered last year. Oh, wow! Could she be a white and majestic white queen of the woods? :X :X

Faraway Forest White Woods Barbie doll 2014

Fanmade image. Not official.

Mattel has also registered haunted Beauty Mistress Of The Manor trademark so it looks like this is going to be the name of the last doll in the Haunted Beauty Barbie series.

Haunted Beauty Lady Of The Manor Barbie 2014

Fanmade image. Not official.

So exciting! Especially because all these dolls are designed by Bill Greening and he’s sooooo good at fantasy Barbie dolls. :X
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July 11th, 2014

Demi Couture 12″ Doll Collection from JAMIEShow

JAMIEShow has just launched a beautiful collection of 12″ tall dolls made out of the same fine resin as JAMIEshow 16″ BJD Fashion Dolls. All the dolls from the Demi Couture 12″ Doll Collection are cast, sanded, blushed, assembled and painted by hand, making them one of a kind dolls.


Their body is simmilar to Barbie and FR and they have 17 points of articulation, including upper hip, and double jointed elbows. The dolls are called Grace, Eshe and Ginny and they each cost $275.
Aren’t they just gorgeous? :X Check them out on the official website. You can also get for them a wide variety of extra hands and shoes.

jamie show demi dolls

July 11th, 2014

The LOOK Red Carpet Black Gown Barbie @ DollGenie.com

I know a lot of you are looking for the stunning Black Gown Barbie doll from the Look Red Carper 2014 series. She’s a dealer exclusive and you can now find her on DollGenie.com.

doll genie

She’s available right now for $29.95 plus shipping. In my oppinion she’s one of the most beautiful dolls in this searies and a must for all collectors. :X When you order her don’t forget to look for the other great offers and bundles from DollGenie.com. You will find that there a lot of great deals on the website. Happy shopping, everybody!

July 9th, 2014

Video: The Corpse Bride OOAK Barbie by The Black Swan Company

Yesterday the Black Swan Company has released a video of their terrifyingly beautiful Corpse Bride OOAK Barbie inspired by the Tim Burton movie.

corpse bride

She’s a true underground beauty. :P Don’t you think?

July 9th, 2014

New Barbie Collector doll 2014: Faraway Forest™ Elf Barbie® Doll

Finally the beautiful first doll from the Forest Series by Bill Greening has been sneak peaked on BarbieCollector.com. Here are some details about her as I can’t show you the image.

Fanart. Not an official image.

Faraway Forest™ Elf Barbie® Doll (BCR05)
Designer: Bill Greening
Label: Gold
Body Type: Model Muse
Release: 7/15/14

She has long red hair with 4 long braids in the front and cute golden head piece made out of leaves. Her dress is made out of a faux leather corset that resembles again some leaves. The bottom part is made out of several layers of sof material of different colors and she also wears a goldem belt. Over this she has a green cloak wiht a big hood. On her arms there are 2 long golden bracelets that look like the belt. In one hand she carries a scepter made out of intricate branches with a crystal on top. Her makeup is soft.

Such a beauty! Love her and I must get her. <3

June 30th, 2014

New playline dolls and sets: Holiday Barbie 2014, Nutcraker Barbie 2014

Target.com has some new dolls and playsets that are for now unavailable online but can be found in stores.

Holiday Barbie 2014


Price $14.99

Barbie Sisters Skipper Doll and Tiki Hut Playset


Price $24.99

Barbie Big Box Holiday Barbie Doll Gift Set


Price $49.99

Barbie Holiday Nutcracker Barbie Doll

Price $16.99

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June 20th, 2014

“Wall of Dolls” Campaign dolls by Magia 2000

Violence against women is a cause I’ve always been close too. My partens have supported for years an organization that helps women that have suffered from abuse so the subject is really close to my heart.

Mario and Gianni from Magia2000 are now involved in the “Wall of Dolls” campaign created by Jo Squillo that helps fight violence against women and they have created some amazing dolls that have been donated to help the cause.

The first doll is “Wonder Magia Woman“, a beautiful reinterpretation of the icon #1 Barbie.


She’s a beautiful glamazon that wears the iconic black and white swimsuit completely handbeaded with real Swarovski clear and black crystals. Her hair is tied up in a modern ponytail and her beautiful face is inspired by Magia 2000′s muse, Madonna.

They have also been commisioned to create dolls that were donated by Roberto Cavalli, Chiara Boni and Giusy Versace. Check out these beauties below.

Roberto Cavalli


Giusy Versace


La Petite Robe by Chiara Boni


You can find out more info on their official website.

June 13th, 2014

Brunette Holiday Barbie Collector 2014

The brunette special version of the Holiday Barbie Collector 2014 is for sale on eBay. Usually she’s a department store special but no word on that yet.



I wouldn’t pay $76.99 for her now. I’m sure she’ll turn up soon for a better price.

June 12th, 2014

Victoria Designs: Chic and glam doll designs

At the raffle held at IDC 2014 I really, really wanted to win the beautiful Kaori OOAK Barbie created by Victoria Designs on behalf of ACBE (Asociación de coleccionistas de Barbie en España). Her amazing dress and beautiful headpiece just blew me away. Unfortunatelly I didn’t win her, but I got a chance to talk to the designer and find out more about her work.

Victoria Designs

1. I first found about your designs when I saw your amazing Kaoki OOAK Barbie doll designed for the IDC 2014 raffle. Tell me a bit about this doll.


The ACBE wanted to work in the charity auction of the IDC as last year and it has been a pleasure and an honor for me to do this design for them. I thought in a design in keeping with the theme of the convention, but I dont wanted a very classic dress, so I was inspired by the new trend of young Japanese designers, so I did not want colorful prints. I decided a monochromatic design.

2. How did you start designing and customizing dolls and doll fashions?
I work as a wardrobe assistant in an international company and I go on tour with them, each week a different city or country and in my free time I work to make my designs. In my bag I always carry some barbies and this makes me feel closer to my house and time pass faster.

3. Some people are inspired by their favorite celebrities, others by fashion designers and other even dream their creations. What inspires you when you start creating?
I am inspired by the doll. When I have in my hands a new Barbie I look at his face and think about the style that can be best for her. I imagine her with new clothes and then I begin the hard work. Choosing tissues. Pattern…

4. What do you prefer: creating for Barbie or for FR?
I enjoy doing designs for various types of dolls, elegant and classic for FR and silkstone and casual and romantic for Poppy. Now I’m doing things for FR 16. For me it is a challenge to change measures, but I really like it.

5. Show us some of your creations and tell us more about them.
The same design on different dolls:

My first collection “Black and White” at the Barbie Convention, Barcelona 2012:

Victoria 2012

Some random designs on various dolls:

Victoria Designs 4

6. If you had to choose a period in the history of fashion design which would it be? And why?
My favorite period in fashion and designers are as 50s and 60s, Balenciaga, Chanel, Valentino, Pertegaz. They all contributed to give splendor to high fashion . I really love this years because the accessories were very important …hats, gloves, earrings and necklaces of pearls, heels..

7. If Mattel came to you and asked you to design a doll for them how would that doll look?
Definitely a doll dressed in casual clothes, jackets, pants, shirts. All combined together to form a good wardrobe . Something that any woman liked and of course with quality accessories, shoes and never forget bags and simple and elegant party dresses. Never glitter and using higher quality fabrics.

8. What if Integrity Toys asked you?
They have nice designs and good quality, but maybe they should think more in the collectors to launch new series.
But both Mattel and Integrity have a strong team of designers and I do not consider myself a designer. I am a seamstress who makes her own designs with perfect finish for dolls hahaha

9. This might be the most asked question in an interview, but I have to ask. What designs are you working on or planning to create?
Personal commissions have been delayed. I can not spend all the time that i wanted to this. My more immediate project is to present a Collection at the next convention of Barbie collectors in Spain, next October in Madrid. I hope to be a success as the others I have presented in previous editions of the convention.

10. A final quick shout to my readers.
I am a doll collector for over 25 years. But this is just plastic. Whats makes me feel proud is the “collection” of friends that I have found in this pink world.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to get closer to your readers and know my work.
Love, Carmen Ortí.

Some of the photos used were taken by Sandra.

June 10th, 2014

Mario and Gianni from Magia 2000 about The Italian Doll Convention

IDC 2014 has just finished a week ago so I asked Mario and Gianni from Magia 2000 to answer a few questions about this amazing convention and their work.

IDC 2014 2

1. Now that IDC 2014 has finished, tell me how was the feedback from the collectors regarding this year’s event?
The 2014 event was a huge success and we are so overwhelmed by positive feedbacks and love from collectors. We really appreciate how people reacted to all the efforts we did to customize this event much more this year than ever. The theme was very attractive and fascinating and brought collectors to take part to each and every single activities, like Fashion show, ooak competition like never before. We have confirmed the hotel was the perfect venue for Idc, classy and elegant but with wide room and extremely nice to details and it was great to be there once again. It was an incredible weekend with collectors from all over the world and I’m so happy the flight strikes didn’t compromise the events. I want to thank every conventioneers who really fought to be there despite of any transportation problem, we had fun!

2. I can’t believe this was the 4th year of IDC. How did the convention evolve from the first to this year?
Yes, we can’t believe it too, as I started dreaming of this convention as a National event , only for less than a hundred Italians and it became so popular all over the doll community in the world and in only few years. Of course I must thank all the big companies, as Mattel and Superfrock and many other ooak artists, who really invested in my project to make it real and possible. Through the years, I invited different persons in the committee and helpers to have more support or feedbacks and it was incredible how, despite the in & out of committee, we could keep the original passion for this event. It’s not an easy task to welcome 250 persons, as we were this year and with so many different expectations, but we believe this is the best way to make people have fun and feel welcome in Italy. There is lot of work behind the scene, drama and difficulties which we faced as usual, with passion and trying to smile! I and Gianni work with Mattel Italy as designers and graphic free lance, so that was the biggest connection which help the event with sponsorship and more, and then we are in this business and hobby from over 15 years and we strongly involved all our friends, as Marl Davidson, as sponsor or any other convention we usually attend. It’s a great way to make the community alive and united. Then Marinella was in charge of Salesroom and competition, as she is very well known in this and welcomed all dealers and artists as usual.

3. I know IDC goes foodie is next year’s theme. Tell me more about what you are planning for 2015. I know most of it is a secret, but maybe a few details.
2015 is the year of the Worldwide EXPO in Milan, and it will begin on 1st May 2015, so few days before the IDC, which will take place always at Melia Hotel on 16th and 17th May too. The Expo is one of the biggest event in world, with over 140 countries coming to expose their products and next year’s Expo theme is about nutrition and food. Italian cuisine is worldwide renowned as the best and so we chose to celebrate this connection. We mean to discover the connection between dolls and the food, so we are expecting to have tons of dolls dressed like food, vegetables and see dolls in the kitchen, we are still working on the whole project but we are sure the collectors have more imagination than ever, especially when the theme is not that obvious, you get the most incredible result.

4. I’ve seen a lot of articles in the Italian traditional media about your event. How do non-collectors react to IDC?
Yes, this year we had an incredible reaction from Media, tv, radio and magazine spread the Barbie and doll passion to non-collectors and I have to tell this was super positive. I believe that dolls can open every hearts, because they connect you to your childhood and make you think about it. Of course, the first reaction is incredibly shocking, but as soon as they are involved in the convention atmosphere they are totally overwhelmed. This happens to the charity association too, which are really unaware of anything about the doll community and then, after the convention are really fascinated by this funny and pink world. 5- Well, every Barbie collector waits for the Barbie US National convention every year and of course we are flying to Nashville in less than 6 weeks, so you can imagine this was part of the original ideas we had for that big event. This year we are celebrating 15 years of hobby and doll designing career, so we want to focus our attention to what made us famous in the collectors world, what is the Magia 2000 DNA, elegance, quality, sparkling glamour and of course pink! The year started with the exhibition at the Musee de la Poupee in Paris (still in exhibition until 13 September) which brought us on a different level of inspiration so we are now working hard to follow that couture feeling more than ever. We are in a very positive moment and we are probably more inspired to colors, flowers and all the bling bling outfits!

5. You are not only organizers but you also have a table in the sales room where you display your amazing creations. What dolls did you bring to IDC this year? Tell me more about your favorite ones.
Well, every Barbie collector waits for the Barbie US National convention every year and of course we are flying to Nashville in less than 6 weeks, so you can imagine this was part of the original ideas we had for that big event. This year we are celebrating 15 years of hobby and doll designing career, so we want to focus our attention to what made us famous in the collectors world, what is the Magia 2000 DNA, elegance, quality, sparkling glamour and of course pink! The year started with the exhibition at the Musee de la Poupee in Paris (still in exhibition until 13 September) which brought us on a different level of inspiration so we are now working hard to follow that couture feeling more than ever. We are in a very positive moment and we are probably more inspired to colors, flowers and all the bling bling outfits!

idc 2014 e

6. Last but not least, a shout out to all the international collectors that follow your convention.

The Italian Doll Convention is a state of mind….yes, we are here to have fun and i know from collectors you won’t regret coming to visit our beautiful country, Milan is always charming and full of great place to visit and the EXPO will be right there, only few metro stops from the hotel. Registrations will start on September 1st and you can easily have more info on the official website www.italiandollconvention.it. So if you never thought about Milan, this will be your year to come and visit the Expo, the city and last but not least…have dolly-fun!

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