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December 5, 2011


First of all let me tell you all WELCOME TO THE BLOG! :D As I have a lot of collector friends from all over the world, I decided to open the English version of my blog so that my non-Romanian speaking readers can enjoy my posts. So here it is! And as a celebration of this launch you can find below an amazing interview I did with Gianni and Mario from Magia 2000. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Hi, Mario and Gianni! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. :) I would like to start with a very simple and basic question: How did you start Magia 2000?
Magia 2000 started as a real hobby and joyful collaboration between us in 1998. First of all , we were and are Barbie collectors and it was just for fun that we started customizing dolls. One day, we found an article on Barbie Bazaar magazine which displayed the Barbie artists in a contest and we thought it would be great to recreate our favorites divas on Barbie. Of course Madonna was the first. In 2000, I (MArio) and GIAnni did our first appearance at the Bologna Fashiondoll event, with our first humble 10 ooak dolls and since then, we always travelled to show our pieces. In 2002 we were the very first to go to the US Barbie Convention and we brought our made in Italy dolls there.
In 2003, an Italian company called us to design the exclusive Brigitte Bardot doll and in 2006, the US Barbie Convention selected Magia2000 as the designers of the souvenir doll for the LA convention, “Barbie Film Noir”. After that , we started working constantly with Mattel Europe and USA for special event in Europe. Of course we still design OOAK dolls for collectors around the world.

2. Why music and movie superstars?
As I mentioned, Madonna is our favorite singer and I am personally a great fan of her. She was the real reason we started with the customization of dolls, as I would love to have my own Madonna doll . That was the beginning of a series and after Madonna, when I increased my painting techniques, we also desired to step into other celebrities. Moreover, music is a great part of our lifes, as we spend all day working with music, so it was natural to move to this field. Movie and tv icons are nowaday very popular and they are the true stars to be inspired from.

3. How do you decide what your next inspiration is for your fantasy dolls?
We also work in graphic and fashion business, so part of our inspirations comes from a mix of ideas. We always loved mixing different creative techniques and worlds, that is why we always moved in different directions. if you have the chance to surf through our website, you can see many different styles, from Japanees and Oriental dolls to fantasy, or celebrities and of course couture mini version of the real fashion. We always don’t like being limited into a specific world or field and that is why our creativity brought to discover new and different styles.

4. If you had to chose one fave doll each which would it be?
Of course, Barbie Film Noir, which we designed for the LA convention, and probably the Madame Du Barbie, which was the first Bob Mackie we bought.

5. Tell me honestly, who’s your muse? What person inspires you the most?
Of course, Madonna is our muse! she is the real queen of fashion and music, and she was able to change so much. Of ocurse we live in the reality of a changing world, and we also admire new artists , like Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue and many other actress , like Charlize Therron.

6. I’ve see that you work mostly with Barbie. Why do you like her more than other fashion dolls such as FR or Poppy Parker, just to name a few?
Growing up with Barbie, we became a Barbie addicted of course, but we also love many other dolls too. We worked in past with FR dolls, with lot of success. In fact we took part to FR convention 3 times and we won different prizes and contest there, which are judged by Jason Wu in person too. So we love FR too. In the past 2 years we got closer to Sybarites world, as we feel very attracted by this interesting doll and her beauty. She is completely different from Barbie and probably can give us the chance to create completely extravagant dresses and outfits. At the Paris Expo in March, we usually now introduce our biggest collection of dresses for Sybarites and 16″ dolls too. We are always open to new experiments and dolls, as we love new challenges.
But Barbie is always our first muse, our perfect doll, our childhood dream and being considered the Italian designer of Barbie by Mattel, is a great honor and a big responsability for us.

7. Tell us a little trick that you use when you create a doll. :)
If you don’t have to create a reproduction, and you are creating something from your imagination, put all the materials on yoru table, and fix it on the doll, then leave it there for a night! Sleep over it!
the next day…..things will be more clear to your eyes and you have a better vision fo what you really want!
It looks odd, but usually your first vision could change and bring you in the wrong direction.

8. Do you also collect dolls? If so what are you overwrite drools?
Yes, we also collect, of course Barbie, and especially Bob Mackie’s. By now, I’m searching to complete my Grease Barbie serie, as a fan of the movie, but we also love ooak dolls too and Sybarites.
thourgh the years, at the international conventions, we bought some pieces of fellow artists like Freddy Tan, or Ninimomo, and many others. We love having at least one doll from each artist we know, as we think it’s so interesting to understand their different creative point of views. We think that, in these last 15 years, ooak artists brought so much to the doll collectors world. Many of us were part of the new trends, being copied, being hired, being auctioned for charity an so we love thinking we are all part of this incredible doll world, without envyness and competition.

9. How involved are you in the Italian Doll Convention? How did this event come to life in the first place?
Thank you for this question, as I (Mario) am the chairman and creator of this event.
After so many years of international conventions, we felt that the Italian market deserve something more than a salesroom event or show. That is why, in 2004 I started thinking and dreaming about an Italin Doll Convention, but the time was not right for this and my personal will was not enough. In 2009, when we worked for all the 50th Anniversary Barbie events in Italy, I started talking with Mattel Italy, privately , about my idea of a convention and they were absolutely very open and glad to help me. It was also the time when I had the chance to talk with other persons in the doll community, and so I planned to make a committee of Italian collectoors, Gianni too, who were happy to do something bigger here.
After more than 18 months of hard work and constant contacts with doll artists, Mattel and sponsors, last May we had our first edition and it was a huge success. So now we are going for the second event, next 26th and 27th of May 2012, always in Milan…..and we still have few spots left!
Next year , we will have a special convention doll designed by Robert Best and a bigger presence of Barbie, but also new additions to our salesroom, with the Sybarites designers and more international and national dealers and collectors.
It’s a dream we had and it came true…. but we still have so much to do before getting to what we want! still working hard!

10. A little sneak peak of the 2012 National Barbie Convention doll? :D Just for us? :D
We know all collectors want sneak peak of convention dolls…. As you can imagine our contract doesn’t allow us to talk about it….but we can tell she is already in production and she is a beautiful doll…..
we can tell we pay tribute to our European history of style. She will be absolutely different from Film Noir Barbie, but always very Magia-licious!

10 bis. A little something for the small doll collector community in Romania.
We hope you all enjoy our site, following our creations and passion, our collaborations with Barbie, as the Alitalia Barbie we just created.
We hope you can plan to visit Italy at the Italian Doll convention in Milan and of course meet us somewhere in doll events. Enjoy your passion and your love for dolls.
Multe mulţumiri tuturor colecţionari din România

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