Ninimomo updates: Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Oregon

As you all know I’m a HUGE Ninimomo fan. :X I think their work is amazing and they are also lovely people. I love following their dolls and this week we have six more beauties. Love them! You can follow Nik and Marie on their Facebook page also.

Miss Falklands 2012


Miss Kiribati 2012


Miss Oregon 2011


Miss Papua New Guinea 2012


Miss South Carolina 2011


Miss Virginia 2011


Preview BFC 2012 dolls

The first real preview of this year’s BFC Exclusive dolls is here. Even if I thought that this year will be boring when it comes to Collector dolls I must admit that a new Silkstone Francie sound soooo good plus I like the sketch for the Platinum Label Rush of Rose Gold. Not crazy about the club doll, Afternoon Suite Barbie, as I’m not into this kind of Silkstones, but I now collectors that went crazy when they first saw her.

So yey for 2012! Too bad I can’t still join becasue I don’t have a US adress. :(


More info HERE.

My Collection: Barbie Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

The last days of 2011 have brought me one of the dolls I’ve been thinking for the entire year: Barbie Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci :X . My dear friend Catalin, who is also responsible for the fact that I Can Be…Katrina Kaif doll is in my collection, has given me this amazing present! There’s no need for me to tell you how amazing she is. The Mackie face looks so angelic and I LOVE her delicate articulated hands. But what most surprised me is her box. Clearly this doll was made for the European market as the text on both the front and the back of the box is written in many European languages INCLUDING Romanian. :-O

Never in a million years did I expect that as Romania is such a young country when it comes to doll collecting. Our community is still small… I’m going to write an email to Mattel to ask them about this. Does this mean we’ll have more collector dolls here? Does this mean there’s going to be a Mattel Romania? Questions, question!

Can’t wait to find out the answer.


Hasbro Sindy Groups

Ok, so I admit: I’m a Hasbro/Vivid/Giochi Preziosi Sindy fan! They were around in the 90s in my country and that’s when I fel in love with them. I think these dolls need more love from the doll community. They are cute, sweet, have great fashions and they do justice to the fab 90s. :)) So, if you’re a modern Sindy fan, please join me on my Facebook group and on the Flickr group. Also you can find lot’s of Sindy and Barbie commercials on my YouTube chanel.

Looking for a Facebook moderator

Any 80’s Barbie fans here? I’m looking for a moderator for my 80s Barbie Facebook page. The page was created by my dear friend Paul but both of us have other projects to take care of so we need someone fabulous, with a lot of Barbie and 80s love to take care of this great page.

Leave your comments here if you are interested and tell us something about you and why you want to help us.

Twilight Barbie: Bella and Edward Wedding

The pics of the new Twilight Barbie and Ken are here! I’m not a Twilight fan. Sorry… Really don’t understand all the fuss about these movies but I must admit this Bella Wedding Barbie is very beautiful. I really love the dress and the way they respeted the original one, but Edward looks horrible! He is so stiff and looks like he has no neck. /:) The clothes are nice but the actual doll is not.

They will be available for 29.99$ each.

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