Twilight Barbie: Bella and Edward Wedding

The pics of the new Twilight Barbie and Ken are here! I’m not a Twilight fan. Sorry… Really don’t understand all the fuss about these movies but I must admit this Bella Wedding Barbie is very beautiful. I really love the dress and the way they respeted the original one, but Edward looks horrible! He is so stiff and looks like he has no neck. /:) The clothes are nice but the actual doll is not.

They will be available for 29.99$ each.

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2 thoughts on “Twilight Barbie: Bella and Edward Wedding

  1. I think the dolls are OK; I’m not a fan of twilight either…
    If saw this Barbie doll at the store with no label on it I would never say it was a “Bella” – the Edward one, maybe, because he has the vampire pale look, but other than that nothing else reminders him, but then again I haven’t watch the movie.
    Loved the English reader’s version!!!

    1. Same here. I don’t look at this Barbie and think “Oh, yes. That’s Bella!” That is why I think I’ll consider getting her. I’m not a Twilight fan so I love the fact she doesn’t look like the actress in the movies. :D

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