Cher Love Hurts & Cher Time Cover by Magia 2000

If you love Cher that yu’ll adore these amazing dolls created by Magia 2000. The fantastic Italian duo created 2 dolls inspired by two of Cher’s most iconic looks. First we have the tribute doll inspired by Cher in her performance of “Love hurts” at Ceasar Palace in Las Vegas. The original dress was created by Cher’s longtime friend and designer, the one and only Bob Mackie.

See more images here. This doll is for sale so contact Magia 2000 if you are interested in her.

The second doll is my favourite and was created to resamble Cher in her iconic cover outfit of Time Magazine from march 17, 1975. The gown is also designed by Bob Mackie and is one of my fave all time. :X

More images here.

Barbie x Sister By Sibling For LDN Fashion Week

Yesterday London Fashion Week has started and this year the famous fashion festival has a very importnat guest: Barbie. London-based fashion label Sister By Sibling has partenered with the iconic doll for their Fall/Winter 2012 collection. In the Newgen space at Somerset House, where the festival takes place, six dolls dressed in miniaturized looks were displayed and six huge polaroid pictures of them that were shot for the presentation for the new collection. The images were made by photographer Alastair Strong and entitled “Test Shots“.

I love it when fashion designers turn to Barbie for inspiration and help. That what Barbie is all about, for me at least. A fashion model and a great inspiration. Not very crazy about the images but the clothes look nice and I would love if we had again a series like those wonderful Benetton Barbies. :X


New playline dolls: I Can Be, Prince Liam, Nikki

Some of the playline dolls I’ve told you about have been previewed on and I must say I’m dissapointed. I don’t get the Barbie I Can Be President B-Party dolls. What do they stand for? What are they? The girls that entertain the president at his b-day? :)) And Prince Liam is another boring Ken. The only dolls that I like are the two cute Chelseas.

Barbie I Can Be President B-Party Nikki Doll

Release: April 2012
Price: 15,99$

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Studio P.H. 8442 Portrait of a Hollywood Dressing Room by The Doll Cafe

My dear friend Sandra from The Doll Cafe has just sent me these amazing picutres take at Studio P.H. 8442 in West Hollywood where a glamorous room entitled Portrait of a Hollywood Dressing Room has been set up to celebrate the amazing Barbie Fashion Model Collection and the recent Atelier collection by Robert Best inspired by the great fashion ateliers of the European fashion designers. All I can say is that these pictures took my breath away! :X Amazing! You can also see the new Silkstone that will come out in October 2012 and is inspired by a beautiful yellow Dior dress.

Check out the images below.


Playline News: Barbie I Can Be President, Barbie Fashionistas Wardrobe, Barbie I Can Be SeaWorld Trainer

It seems that Mattel is on a race to launch as many playline dolls as possible. :)) Another round of cute and pink playline Barbies have been previewed and more dolls are on their way. These dolls will be launched in april 2012 so get ready for a busy, busy month!

Barbie I Can Be SeaWorld Trainer Nikki Doll and Playset

Release: april 2012
Pret: 25,99$

Barbie Doll and Spa Furniture Pack Playset

Release: april 2012
Price: 19,99$

Barbie Fashionista Wardrobe Doll

Release: june 2012
Price: 19,99$

Barbie Fashionista Wardrobe Doll – Teresa

Release: june 2012
Price: 19,99$

More dolls to come:
– Barbie Nikki Doll and Dining Room Playset
– Barbie Princess and the Popstar Princess Dollhouse Playset
– Barbie Doll and Dining Room Playset
– Barbie Doll Mini Furniture Slumber Party Playset
– Barbie Dating Fun Ken Doll
– Barbie Nikki Color and Design Doll
– Barbie I Can Be President B-Party Nikki Doll
– Barbie I Can Be President B-Party Asian Doll
– Barbie I Can Be President B Party Hispanic Doll
– Barbie Princess and the Popstar Prince Liam Doll
– Barbie Halloween 2012 Doll
– Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet Doll Accessory

The Barbie I Can be President B-Day dolls really puzzles me. /:) What the….? That one is a must see. :))

OOAK Madonna doll by Magia 2000, “Give Me All Your Luvin”

I didn’t have time to show you the latest Magia 2000 Madonna OOAK doll. Everyone knows their passion for the amazing Madonna so it came as no suprise that they created this doll inspired by the singer’s lates video. Don’t forget to check out the interview I did with them last year.

What do you think about her? I love her. :X

More images here.

New playline updates: Dreamhouse, Play Park, Barbie the Princess and the Popstar

The last day of NYTF has brought us some new playline dolls and playsets that had been announced by Mattel but now have pictures. They will all be available in July 2012. I’m very disspaointed in the Barbie the Princess and the Popstar dolls. :( First of all the story of the new movie is boring and the dolls bring nothing new. But the new Barbie® 3 Story Dreamhouse is cute!! Kind of expensive but cute. Check the images and info below:

Barbie® 3 Story Dreamhouse®

Every house needs an upgrade and the Barbie® 3 Story Dreamhouse® is no exception! Last year, Barbie® became an architect. This year, she’s renovated her own Dreamhouse® to be even dreamier. The fresh look features eye-popping pink columns and photo-real wallpaper. The new design has a more modern aesthetic but still has the same core play value that girls love. House features include three fabulous stories with lights and sounds providing a realistic home touch.

ARP: $184.99

Ages: 3+

Available: June 2012

Barbie® Puppy Play Park™

In addition to spending time with her sisters, Barbie® doll loves spending time playing with her pups and teaching them new tricks. This storyline comes to life for girls with the new Barbie Puppy Play Park™ playset. Barbie® doll teaches her pups tricks and they actually respond! Barbie® claps and cheers on her pups as they react to the clicking and clapping sound by following Barbie®, sliding down the slide and fetching a ball. Girls also can activate the puppy by clapping.

ARP: $26.99

Ages: 3+

Available: July 2012

Barbie® RC Convertible

Barbie® doll has had almost everything from a Dreamhouse® in Malibu to the perfect boyfriend, but she’s never had her own Remote Control convertible like this. Driving the Barbie® play experience onto new roads, this stylish ride can move forward and backward. Appropriately painted Barbie® Pink with sparkly accents and decals, this fashionable street-stopping two-seater will have girls racing Barbie® doll and friends around town (wearing the included seatbelts, of course). The Convertible is powered by 4 AA batteries and uses a pink handheld remote (requires 2 AAA batteries). Dolls sold separately.

ARP: $31.99

Ages: 4+

Available: June 2012

Barbie® Sisters Cruise Ship

What’s better than a cruise? A cruise with your sisters and best friends! The new Barbie® Sisters Cruise Ship is a way for all four sisters to spend quality time together while traveling the high seas. From steering the ship as captain to being a passenger splashing around in the pool, there are endless opportunities for girls to create their own imaginative storylines and vacation fantasies. The Cruise Ship includes lots of unexpected pop-up compartments and play space with hidden decks, panels, umbrellas, lounge chairs, a swing and more. The ship features a large pool (for real water play) with water slides the sisters can race down. This stylish vessel folds up for quick and easy storage – saving space for the Barbie® Dreamhouse®, Car and Ken®! All aboard! Dolls sold separately.

ARP: $89.99

Ages: 3+

Available: July 2012
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