My new Petras von Plasty

I’m in my mod mood. Lol. I’ve looked at my folder with 70’s fashion dolls and now I feel like buying all of the Darcis, Petras or Tuesday Taylors I find. :)) It’s a good thing my friend Laura had two gorgeous Petra from Plasty dolls so I cured a little bit my mod pain. For those who don’t know who this beauty is, Petra was a doll created in Germany in 1964 and lasted until the 90s. I am crazy about the Petra Star dolls and so far I have 3 of them. One needs a reroot but the other two I just got from Laura are perfect.

The third one is a 90s Petra made by Hasbro who bought the rights to the doll and sold her as Sindy’s friend. You can see more pics of these dolls on my Sindy Group on Facebook. She’s so cute ! Can’t wait to get them and maybe dress them in something warm and cute and take photographs on them in the snow. God knows we have enough snow in Bucharest… :(

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