February 11th, 2012

Mattel @ New York Toy Fair 2012

The news about Mattel’s new dolls are finally surfacing all over the internet. First we have some really cute Monster High Ghouls and a weird Barbie that takes pictures and then “posts” them on her t-shirt. Not exactly sure I like the ideea. It’s a revamp of last years Video Barbie? /:) W-E-I-R-D!

Still waiting for the new Collector Barbies. BFC has already previewed them so I’m waiting for those pictures to become available for us mortals. :P The new Collector Barbies for 2012 are DOTW (Chile, Mexico, India, Holland), AA Silkstone, AA & CC Holiday Dolls by Bill Greening and Rush of Rose by Robert Best.

I like the pink and black MH. Really cute! Remids me of one of the Goth Steffi Love that I have.

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