February 12th, 2012

Holiday Barbie 2012

An image of the new Holiday Barbie 2012 has surfaced and I must admit I’m dissapointed. Nothing new, nothing spectacular. Same ol’boring facemold, boring dress. The one from last year was better.



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5 Responses to “Holiday Barbie 2012”

  1. Wow, I like her. So cute face but they should use more different headmolds, I have seen Mackie on Holiday white doll since 1998 every year except 2005 and 2007. I am curious on face of AA one and if she was Mbili or Goddess. And also new Dotw dolls. :)

  2. I feel the same way about the head molds. She’s cute but she’s not wow. I expected more. Let’s hope the new DOTW are as cute as they say they are.

  3. Shame last years doll was amazing compared to this. Very odd to be seeing this year’s Xmas doll in February!

  4. Last year was the same. I first saw her at NYTF 2011 and she definetly was way better than this one. In my oppinion.

  5. I actually have to say that I like this one way better than last year’s because of that flat skirt. I will get her IF her box isn’t a dissapointment like the last two years where the top was just a sleeve. The sleeve thing really turned me away from collecting them.

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