Bratzillaz dolls?

At the Australian Toy Fair MGA Entertainment has previewed a new line of Bratz that are way TOO similar to the Monster High dolls produced by Mattel. This is so pathetic… I know they are in a war with Mattel for years so I don’t understand why they would so openly copy an idea that their direct competion made so succesfull. /:)

Anyway here’s the first image of the new Bratzillaz dolls. Thoughts?

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    peter pan

    How can you comment on dolls before they are released – who are you too pass your judgement anyway. All toy companies copy each other its call following trends and making money DUUHH!

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      No offense but I can comment on anything I want as this is my blog. :) I’m a doll collector and I am entitled to my own opinion. :) And please, next time you feel like commenting here, do it respectfully. We don’t know each other so let’s just respect other people’s opinions. :)

      Thank you.

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