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March 19, 2012

I follow a lot of Barbie and doll blogs and one of them is called Barbie fest. It’s not updated very often but I still keep it in my reader. I few days ago I saw that someone posted a new article and I was glad as I love reading articles about my fave girl, Barbie. But my joy was short lived… The article is so full of hate against Barbie that it blew my mind! The author, Sarajean, calls Barbie a problem and the main reason that kids have anorexia. o_O It was a shock for me to read this article as I’ve read her profile and she seemed to me a great person with an amazing resume of activities.

I just don’t understand all this hate. And why blame a doll? Does the doll raise children? Does the doll talk to a child? A child is the result of what and how his/her parents are. Stop blaming others for the problems of children. This reminds me o a woman that 2 years ago tried to make the Romanian government ban modern cartoons like Ben 10 and others because “they make our children violent”. Geez! I grew up watching Saber Rider and The Transformers and I’m just fine. I love life, I have a great family, I’m a normal person and I love animals. So why try to find a guilty party just because there are children out there that have problems? Just love your child, take care of him/her, explain everything that he/she sees around and I’m sure that child will grow up just fine. I’m not saying that there are not exceptions, but that’s just life.

I’m not writing this article to bash anyone and I’m not talking just about the author of the article when I say I don’t understand all this hate towards Barbie. I’ve seen this kind of thinking also about Toki Doki Barbie and others. So…let me ask again: Why hate a doll and blame it for a real person’s problems?

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  • Reply Liz March 21, 2012 at 3:18 am

    Hi Ada,
    I very much agree with you, i don’t know why some parents like to find excuses for who their kids are, well if that’s the case we will have to stop to watch TV as we all get to see violence and bad habits on it, do we do the same, no supposed to as long you know it’s wrong – you even mentioned teach your child the good and the bad.
    A whole discussion happened when this doll came out:, i mentioned on my blog back then, so looks like this hate is a never ending story…

    • Reply Ada March 21, 2012 at 8:43 am

      Oh, yes I remember that controversy also. So crazy…so pointless. Like a girl is going to become a prostitute just because she saw that doll. /:)

  • Reply Susan M. Cottrell March 23, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    I don’t understand it either Ada. I was raised with Barbie and if anything, she is what kept my sanity in an unstable environment and is what helps me today with my disease. I have 3 daughters who also was raised with Barbies and they are perfectly fine. If there was violence from T.V. programming on we either switched it off or talked about it. People have to take responsibility for their children and not leave it up to the media and teachers. Society has become so dependent on “others” to do their parenting for them; be it sitting them in front of the T.V. or leaving the diciplining up to the schools. I just wish that folks would leave Barbie alone, but it’s something to blame for their own inadequacies I guess. I’m with ya Ada!

  • Reply Ada March 24, 2012 at 8:54 am

    The funny thinh is that in my country parents don’t think about Barbie like this. Maybe because a lot of them didn’t grow up owning one so they didn’t have time to think about considering her a threat. I actually started realizing a lot of new moms have started collecting dolls because of their daughters. :D Whant to come to my country? :D

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