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Fashionistas Dress Special Package 2012

March 29, 2012

Yesterday i got together with two of my collector friends, Doru and Silvia. I really wanted to see Silvia’s new Fashionistas 2012 that came in a special package with two dresses and a box that looks like a wardrobe and can be used to store the doll. I saw these special packages some time ago and I really wanted to get them because I just love special packages and special editions. I also really love this wave. I want all the dolls inclusidng Ken and I hope I can get them all soon.

I’ve only seen the two Barbies, Nickki and Raquelle with the special package. The promo pic is below.

Silvia got Nickki and the two Barbies. The one with the closed mouth is just stunning. I must get two of those so I can debox one of them. Just amazing! :X For now I got one of the boxes and two of the dresses and tonight or tomorow I’ll post pictures with two of my Fleur dolls and one of them is dressed in the white top and pink bottom dress that you see in the pictures. I was so glad it fit her but we’ll talk about that later. Now just enjoy the pictures. ;)

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