My New Maxie Dolls

Hello my dears! I’m beyond excited that yesterday I managed to pay for a BIG lot of uber cute Maxie dolls that I got from my dear friend Paul who’s downsizing his doll collection. He was really into Maxie for a while and now his (almost) entire collection is coming home to this lovely lady. :D How cool is that, right?

We’ve been talking a lot about Maxie, Petra and other dolls related to Sindy on my small but growing Sindy Facebook group. Come and join us and find out more interesting stuff about a lot of 90’s dolls that don’t get enough credit as they should!

OOAK The Mermaid Barbie by Linda Kyaw @ GAW 2012

I just discovered the picture of this amazing OOAK Mermaid Barbie created by the one and only Linda Kyaw for the GAW 2012 auction. I think I like this colour even more than the standard Mermaid Barbie which I ADORE! I wonder who managed to egt this beauty. So jealous.

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FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Barbie® Doll

As I have stated before this lovely FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Barbie is on my 2012 wish list but I am a little confused about something. Yesterday Mattel uploaded these lovely pictures on BC, but her release date is 4/1/2012. :-? I’ve asked collectors on Facebook about this and nobody has seen her anywhere.

So…is she available or not? Please let me know if you find her.

Designed by: Linda Kyaw
Release Date: 4/1/2012
Product Code: W7817

I’m attending the Italian Doll Convention 2012

One month from today I’ll be in the wonderful town of Milano attending the 2012 Italian Doll Convention! This is my first ever doll convention so you can imagine how excited I am! Not only do I get to meet the lovely Mario and Gianni from Magia 2000 but I also will meet and greet the one and only Robert Best! :X

Can’t wait to see what other suprises await me at this convention! Of course I’ll post a lot of pictures and movies and I’ll keep you updated every second. Lol!

Empress of the Aliens™ Barbie® Doll

I think I have just fainted when I saw the AMAZING and just STUNNING Empress of the Aliens™ Barbie® Doll designed by Bill Greening! She was just featured on BC and I’m just wowed. She does remind me a little of Poison Ivy from the Batman movie and DC comic books, but she’s just stunning. She’s Gold Label and will be released on the 21 of July. I need to preorder her. She’s too amazing and I bet she’ll sell like crazy!

My Easter Holiday and a small diorama

As we say in Romania: Hristos a Inviat! It means “Christ has risen” and that’s what we say after Easter when we greet people. The answer is “Adevarat a Inviat” – “It’s true he has risen”. Sounds kind of funny in English ;)) but in Romanian it sound very solemn.

Anyway I managed to get away from work and the stress of living in the capital city by traveling to my hometown and my parents house with my husband and parents in law. The trip was short and I didn’t have the time to sit in my doll room and play with my dolls but I managed to snap some shots with my iPhone and play with them using Instagram. Btw you can follow me there if you have this app. My id is adabd.

I hope in the near future I can bring my entire doll collection to my house in Bucharest so I can play with it all the time. For now I don’t have enough room here! :( In Timisoara the collection occupies an entire room! My husband has promised me that we’ll get a bigger house by the end of this year and I’ll get to use one of the rooms as my office/Barbie room. I pray to God this happens soon!! I need my dolls with me!

2012 GAW Grant A Wish Convention Broadway Beauty Silkstone Barbie

The GAW 2012 convention has just wraped up and the beautiful convention doll hand painted by Angie Gill is the talk of the town! The doll is limited to 265 dolls worldwide and it’s called Broadway Beauty. Last year’s convention doll was also a Silkstone so I wonder how next year’s doll will be.

If you haven’t attended the convention you can buy the doll on eBay for about 350$. I think she’s stunning! :X

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Barbie I Can Be…President video

The guys from have just released a video about the much talked about Barbie I Cen Be President. Mattel has a whole campaign going on about this line and you can see it on the Barbie website, but what I most like about these dolls is the fact that they can stand on their own! Nice! I really need to get the Asian one. And The AA doll. And Barbie…and the Hispanic Barbie… :)) Yeah! I want them all!!!