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New Stardoll Design Studio, Barbie Doll and Dining Room

April 3, 2012

Some of the last dolls and sets announced earlier this year have finally been revealed. First we have the cute Stradoll Design Studio. I’ve seen a lot of these kind of sets around so I guess they are really popular.

Barbie Stardoll Design Studio Printable Fashion Kit

This Barbie Stardoll Design Studio Printable Fashion Kit lets girls play with fashion in a new innovative way – Do-It-Yourself! Girls express creativity by designing their fashions online at Then, using the printable fabric sheets that can be inserted into a printer, they print their designs onto real fabric! Once printed, the fashion can be torn out and fit onto the dress form to add embellishments – like the included belts, fringe, and gems. When finished, girls can put it onto a Stardoll doll for a unique and personal look. Girls will love feeling like an up-and-coming designer, and it will give them the confidence to be independent and strong at an early age! Ages 6 and up.

Then we have 2 sets with a doll and some dining room furniture. I really like the table and the chairs but of course I wish they weren’t pink. :(

Barbie Doll and Dining Room Playset

Barbie Nikki Doll and Dining Room Playset

The Barbie Doll and Dining Room Playset is glam-tastic! With this set, she can have Ken or a friend over for a nice meal anytime. Doll included. Some assembly required. Ages 3 and up.

You can preorder them from

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    i have seen some on the stores as well…

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