Other OOAK dolls for Italian Doll Convention 2012

New auctions have started and they are all amazing! Check them out below.

OOAK Audatious Chalk White Sybarites doll by Superfrock

OOAK “My Heart, My Love” doll by Matt Sutton

OOAK “Enchanted Green” doll by Artist Creations

OOAK “Cytherah” doll by Paul Pham of Dolcis

OOAK “Green Gala in Milan” doll by Magia 2000

OOAK “Heart of Steel” doll by Matt Trujillo

OOAK “Hope in a Suit” doll by Patrick Kon

OOAK Wig “IDc Brunette” by Ilaria Mazzoni

OOAK Wig “IDC Ginger” by Ilaria Mazzoni

OOAK “Queen of Nature” JAMIEshow doll by George Gonzalez & Magia2000

OOAK “Amazon Goddess” doll by Maurizio Andreuccetti & Artist Creations

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