No more Liv dolls…

I think everyone has heard the rumors about the Liv dolls being discontinued. Well…they are true. D7ANA from A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures has gotten in contact with the people from Spin Master and this is what they had to say:

” … we currently do not have plans to release any new LIV dolls or accessories in 2013.”

So that’s it guys! No more Liv dolls. I wasn’t a fan but I must say I’m sorry they will not make any of these dolls because they are cute and I know for a fact that their fashions and accessories are very nice and of good quality.

The dolls are stil available in my country so if you are looking for them and can’t find them, please let me know and I can order them for you. Here’s a link to the company that imports them. You can see there the entire catalogue.


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    It’s sad that they’re stopping them, because their clothes fit great on my dolls (the Pure Neemos)… but at the same time, I never liked Liv dolls, their little heads just weren’t working for me with their inset eyes.

    Hopefully they’ll listen to the fact that we all loved their fashion, and replace the line with something better looking. :)

  2. 6

    Wow the shop is great but do they deliver to Africa as my Romanian skills are not good for reading. Liv dolls will live on in our memories and web presence!

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    Wow Girl

    Wow Why Did They Discontinue Liv Dolls They Were Great And Never Created Another Guy Doll Other Then Jake So It’s Like Wow Just Going To DEo That To The Girls Who Loved Liv Dolls o_o Thats Messed Up And Their Much Better Then Barbies And Other Dolls Cuz They Can Do More Things And Looked Realistic So yeah Im A Little Up Set o_o Wow

  4. 8

    I think spinmaster has gone crazy!!! They are now selling la dee da dolls, but they arent even that cute. Do they even know that no one likes la dee da dolls!! They would gain so many buys if they sold liv dolls all over again. Also, can someone please send me the link to where I can send a message to spin master company???? PLease!!!!! I really need to ask spin master company some question in consideration, whether or not they will be making or selling liv dolls this year or the next.

  5. 9

    I am truly saddened this were the greatest dolls they were articulated I need at least one but I want it cheap if y’all have any tell me

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