Selling some of my dolls

With all the new amazing dolls coming out this year I need some cash so I’m going to start selling some of the dolls I don’t really need. I’ll be trying to sell at a good price and also I’m willing to trade for the dolls that are on my wish list.

First up is the Pirates of The Carribean set from Mattel, princess Alexa and prince from Barbie and the Diamond Castle and a HH doll from ’95. Email me if you are interested.

Hasbro and Integrity Toys presents: Jem and The Holograms

B-E-S-T piece of news of the year!!! Integrity Toys has partenered with Hasbro to recreate the AMAZING characters from Jem and The Holograms! I’m beyond excited. The first doll is a F-A-B Hollywood Jem and I just felt like fainting when I saw her this morning. Can she be more gorgeous than this? Pure perfection!

The problem is she’s a Comic Con exclusive so no chance in hell I’ll be getting her. =(( She is beyond FAB! Can’t wait to see the other dolls from the line. Definetly I need to get at least some of them.

Yey! Jem is BACK!

Lots of new Mystic Girlz, Steffi Love and Kevin dolls and items

O-M-G I’m super excited about the new dolls and accesories from the Steffi Love and Mystic Girlz series. The MG dolls are becoming more and more interesting. Love them and adore their accesories. Check out the cute new doll with coffin like closet. It’s must for me. Also I just lvoe the new Kevin dolls and their fashions.

So many nice things! I hope they’ll be soon available in my country also. Check them out after the jump.

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My first articulated Steffi Love: Dog Mum and Babies

When I did the blogger mass interview I showed you an image of a articulated Steffi Love doll that I had just purchased. For those who are not familiar with this doll I can tell you she’s a very popular German doll created by Simba in the 80s and stil going strong now. Last year they have released some articulated dolls and of course I had to have at least one of them! I think there are 4 or 5 articulated dolls and I got the Dog Mum and Babies set.

I adore her and the puppies are so cute. :X Her body is very well made but unfortunately it can’t be used with a Barbie head. I’m thinking about repaiting her head, but for now I’m just going to enjoy her as she is.

Pictures made with the help of my friend Laura.

Barbie Convention 2012 Bon Voyage Party raffle OOAK dolls

I have just found the amazing pictures with the dolls donated by the world’s best OOAK Barbie artists for the Bon Voyage Party raffle at the 2012 Barbie Convention!

My favorite ar Ninimomo, Artist Creations, Paul Bruce and Matt Trujillo and Judy Frank. Check out more images HERE.

2012 BFMC Silkstone: Kitty Corner Francie info

Via DollAttic we have a description of the upcoming 2012 BFMC Silkstone: Kitty Corner Francie.

Francie® Fairchild is Barbie® doll‘s fun and fabulous cousin. Fresh as a daisy and fancy free, she’s back and she’s looking sharp! Dressed in a bold 60s-inspired shift, she comes with a dreamy nighttime fashion perfect for cuddling up with her kitten slippers. Her whimsical style returns, modeled on a Silkstone™ body. So modern!

Wow! can’t wait to see pictures of her. :X

Update: Here she is!


New Monster High: Abbey & Frankie deluxe fashion pack and new CAM pack

There has been a lot of comotion in the Monster High world in the past couple of days. There have been some leeks and pictures of prototype dolls have surfaced online and have been taken down by Mattel. Until we know if those dolls will be released we have a couple of new fashion packs and a new uber cute Create a Monster pack. Check them out below.

Monster High Abbey & Fashion

Monster High Frankie & Fashion

Create-A-Monster Design Lab Prototype

Ninimomo’s Monte Carlo Barbie 2012

With only a few days to the National Barbie Convention 2012, Nik and Marie from Ninimomo have just unveiled their incredible raffle doll called Monte Carlo Barbie. I can not believe somebody will have a chance to win this amazing doll! :(( I wish i was there. Hopefully next year I’ll be attenting…

Also for those of you attending this year’s convention, below is an invite to their opening room sales party on Tuesday June 10, 2012. The party will take place in the harbor room which is on the second floor of the hotel, from 6pm – 10pm.

Have fun guys and take lots of pictures!

MGM’s Bratzillaz™

When I first heard of Bratzillaz I was a little skeptical. They looked and felt way too Monster Highish for me especially as i’m not a Bratz collector. But I have to admit I really enjoy them and I’m definetly going to buy one of them. I have a hunch they will be popular as well with kids and doll colelctors alike.

I found a really cute Tumblr blog that follows then and they have a lot of promo images. Also check out Muff’s blog for real pictures. :X

You can buy them at Toys R US for $24.99.

Official quote:

Prepare to be transported to a mesmerizing world where magic meets glam as MGA Entertainment invites you to meet Bratzillaz™:
Cloetta Spelletta™ has the power to change you into anything you want. She’ll help you show there’s two sides to you; Magic Power: Can transform into anything; Witchmark: Moon & Stars; Fave Pet: Barkthalameow™; Fave Class: History of Platform Shoes; Fashion Passion: Girly Glitter.
Jade J’Adore™ has the power to help you find your one true love. She’ll help you heal your broken heart, too!; Magic Power: Heals broken hearts; Witchmark: Heart Arrow; Fave Pet: Kissifuss™; Fave Class: Fashion Magic; Fashion Passion: Urban Witchy.
Yasmina Clairvoya™ has the power to see the future. She’ll help you be ready for anything coming your way!; Magic Power: Sees into the future; Witchmark: Egyptian Eye; Fave Pet: Winkers™; Fave Class: Purses & Potions; Fashion Passion: Vintage Romantic.
Sashabella Paws™ has the animal kingdom under her spell. She’ll help you communicate with creatures everywhere!; Magic Power: Can communicate with animals; Witchmark: Tribal Cat; Fave Pet: Fluffinscruff™; Fave Class: Exotic Animal Languages; Fashion Passion: Fierce faux fur.
Meygana Broomstix™ not only has the power to fly, but also to make dreams come true. She’ll help make your wildest dreams take flight!; Magic Power: Helps you fly; Witchmark: Wings; Fave Pet: Wingzy™; Fave Class: Broom Gymnastics; Fashion Passion: Sporty Supernatural.
In August, Bratzillaz™ will extend into the digital space with interactive content on, a newly designed website that offers an immersive 3D experience including the cutting edge technology of parallax scrolling, multi platform games, augmented reality experiences, character bios, and more! In a first for MGA Entertainment, Bratzillaz™ games will also be available on apps for smartphones.
Look for more spellbinding Bratzillaz™ entertainment to manifest throughout the year, including a series of original animated webisodes, music videos, and licensed consumer products.

Elizabeth Taylor Barbie 2012 by Robert Best

When Robert Best gave his speach at IDC 2012 he told us about the new Silkstone Elizabath Taylor dolls that will come out later this year. Images of the new dolls have just been sneak peaked and they are called Violet Eyes Barbie and White Diamonds Barbie.

Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor Barbie

White Diamond Elizabeth Taylor Barbie


They use the same face mold aproved by the actress herself and will come out in September. I’m sure they’ll sell out fast so get your pockets ready. I love the fact they come with extra clothes or accesories!

Are you going to buy them? I might get Violet Eyes but I’m not sure….