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Picture of the Day: Totally Hair Whitney European edition

July 24, 2012

Some time ago I did a small photoshooting with my new girls and my friend Laura helped me with it. You can see the shooting my my two lovely Benetton girls on my Romanian blog and now here’s a picture with the lovely Totally Hair Whitney European Edition that I got from a flea market in Budapest. Her hair is cut short but the funny thing is I kind of like it that way. :)) Makes her look edgy and sweet.

We dressed her in a early 80s dress (I think it’s a Best Buy dress but I can’t find the stock number) and used a hat and a bracelet from a Maxie by Hasbro doll. The bag is from an early 2000s playset. I think she looks stunning! I’m not sure if I’ll ever reroot her. Maybe when I get bored with this edgy look I’ll make her a readhead but so far I really enjoy the way she looks. More picture coming soon!

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