3rd Italian Doll Convention info

Let’s dance all the way to the 3rd Italian Doll Convention! We finally have more info about next year’s IDC and it’s great! The convention will take place on the 25-26 May 2013, in Milano, at the Melia Hotel and you can already download the registration form from the official IDC website. Until the 31 of December 2012 the price is 105 euros! The package will include:
– Welcome drink
– Gala Dinner
– Fashion Show and related participation
– Goodie Bag with gadgets and lots of gift surprises
– Speech by one or more Fashion Doll Manufacturers
– 1 Exclusive Convention Doll in Limited edition.
– Early Salesroom entrance at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday
– Bonus raffle ticket on Sunday.

And the convention doll is….a Silkstone!! :X How great is that?? Can’t wait to go there again. Check out the presentation video below and be sure to sign the form and join all of us at this amazing convention. I can guarantee you you’ll have an amazing time!

Mattel’s big hush hush secret: Twilight Saga Jasper and Rosalie dolls

So I didn’t manage to post this on the blog last night but you may have seen these dolls on my Romanian blog and on the Facebook page. I’ve heard rumours about new Twilight dolls but I had no idea they came out. usually Mattel makes a big deal about releasing these kind of dolls so it came a as a total suprise for me that they didn’t say anything about them and they just poped up on eBay and on some dealers websites. Could these dolls be punished because of Kristen’s “indiscretion”? Hmmmm….

Image credit

I’m not a Twilight fan so the dolls don’t really appeal to me from that point of view but I must admit that Jasper has a cute head. It would look great on an articulated body and with some new fashions on. Rosalie on the other hand is boring. Why pay $35 for her? For what? I bet that any good OOAK artist out there could do a better job at this. Seems to me that Mattel was in a rush to finish this line and they just threw out there an unfinished prototype. :(

Barbie 2013: Barbie Look, Dolls of The World 2013, Barbie Birthday Wishes

We finally have a glimpse of the new 2013 Barbie Collector dolls. I’ve been waiting for some time now to see the new Barbie Look series and I must say I’m a little bit dissapointed. I love the Steffie one but I expected more. The Tim Gunn dolls look better. Then there are the new DOTW 2013. I like DOTW Philippines, DOTW Spain looks the same, good thing that they didn’t use the Moulin Rouge theme for France but obverall they are not impressive.


Barbie Dolls Of the World France 2013


Barbie Dolls Of the World Spain 2013


Barbie Dolls Of the World Philippines 2013


Barbie Birthday Wishes by Robert Best


Barbie Look by Bill Greening

Tea Party Accessory pack


Golf Accessory pack


Poolside Accessory pack


Red Carpet Accessory pack


Behind the Scenes of the Atelier: The 2012 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection

In May, while attending the Italian Doll Convention 2012, Robert Best presented this amazing video Behind the Scenes of the Atelier: The 2012 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection that now is available on the BFC YouTube account. An amazing and touching video that you must watch. :X