My Maxie collection part 1

If you are a child of the 80s or have a soft spot for Jem dolls surely you are familiar with the Maxie dolls that were produced by Hasbro between ’88 and ’90. They were supposed to be produced during the same time as the Jem dolls but, for some unknown reason, they were pushed back to ’88 and released after the Jem line was canceled. Because of this a lot of Jem accessories, clothes and patterns were used for this line.

Maxie was the all American girl doll line. The dolls also had their own cartoon show which ran in 1987, for 32 episodes, right before the release of the dolls. Here’s a promo of the show:

I remember watching it when I was little and it always reminded me of the Beverly Hills Teens show that aired the same year. I wish they would also have made dolls for that show, but that’s another story. :)

I’ve started collecting Maxie dolls almost 2 years ago and I hope I’ll be able to complete my collection soon. I love their quality, the really nice and real looking bodies and their crazy 80s fashions. My biggest dream is to be able to buy all the great and fun play sets that Maxie had that were produced by Hasbro and Meritus. Check them out on this Maxie fansite.

Today I want to introduce you to some of my latest Maxie dolls that I received from my dear friend paul. Please say hello to Jenice (Lookin’ Smart Maxie), Beatrice (Dance ‘n Romance Maxie), Lucy (Perfect Prom Maxie), Clarice (Maxie’s Friend Carly) and the amazing Chantoya (Maxie’s Friend Kristen).

I don’t really understand why the canceled the line right before they produced these amazing pop-rock dolls. I hope I’ll be able to find someone to recreate for me Bianca with her big curly hair, sweet face and fun outfits.

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So…any Maxie fans out there?


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    Tracey Roberts

    Hi,Ada! I’m a big fan of the Maxie line! I am,also,a teen of the 80s! I adore the 80s era,the music,fashion,movies,it was all soooo cool!!! I have a few 80s dolls,which I’ll post fotos,on Doll Collectors United,at some point.I am really envious of your collection.I haven’t been able to find any in this country,which sucks! I agree,the playsets are to die for! =)

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      Hi Tracey. I’ve managed to get them from a friend who sold almost all his collection to me. They are mint from the box so you can imagine my joy. I have some dolls that are doubles so if you are interested in them let me know.

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