Some cute new Bratzillaz stuff

Ok, so they came out last month but I only found out about them yesterday while surfing the internet. I’m still waiting for the Bratzillaz dolls to be availabe in my country so, for now, I can only judge these dolls by looking at the promo pictures. Check out these cute fashion packs.

I really like the fact that a lot of companies came out with these type of crazy mosnter like dolls. So cute and fun and the Bratzillaz look like like a lot of fun also. I bet they’ll be very popular during Halloween. can’t wait to get my hands on one!

Do any of you have a Bratzillaz doll?

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    Hello from Spain: in my country not even sell these dolls. They have many colors. I think Brazillia are a mix between the Monsters and the Bratz … Keep in touch

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