Link and news time!

I’m getting my luggage ready as tomorrow I’m going on a small vacation with my husband and our godparents. We are going to Bulgaria, to the The Lighthouse Spa and Wellness Centre. He got this holiday as a gift from his company so I’m just going to relax, have some massages and just enjoy myself. This week has been very stressful for me so a small vacation is just what I need.

But until I leave I wanted to take the time to write this post and show you some interesting links to check out. First of all the IT Convention Tropicalia is in full swing and pictures of the new dolls keep showing up online. Check them out:

Shuga Shug

Then we have a picture of the 2012 Target Holiday Sparkle Barbie.


I love these special edition dolls. For the past 3 years I’ve tried to collect all the Carrefour special edition dolls. Can’t wait for this year’s edition! Sometimes the Auchan supermarkets bring Target special edition dolls so maybe I’ll be lucky and get this one also.

Off to bed now. Nighty night! See you next week.

Barbie playline news

Just a quick post about some other new playline Barbie dolls. First is an UBER cute set called Barbie Spa to Fab Doll.

OMG check out that mask! To die for. :)) I have to have this. But what’s with the heands? They look different. VIA

Summer may be over but Barbie still wants to enjoy the sea and the dolphins. Barbie I Can Be Splash ‘n Spin Dolphin Trainer is a cute set but not really for me. I’ve seen this so many times before that I’m not impressed. Especially for $24.99 /:) .

Barbie in The Pink Shoes movie dolls

A new Barbie movie will hit our small screens very soon! It’s called Barbie in The Pink Shoes and it will be released in spring 2013. Until then Mattel has unveiled the first dolls from the series. Maybe you have already seen them but I just wanted to talk a little about them.

First up we have Kristyn Farraday, the lead character in the movie. This has got to be the most boring doll Mattel has released in the past few years. I always complain that the playline dolls are sometimes boring or too pink but this one is the worst. NOTHING new about it. Nothing! (:|

Then comes Prince Siegfried. Now he’s handsome! I kind of like his leggings but first I want to see if those are just painted or they are real. It would be a shame if they were painted but I have a gutt feeling they are! :(

Barbie in the Pink Shoes Ballet Studio is my fave! Love it! :X Ok, it’s pink but still a great idea. A must have. For $29.99 we’ll get a cute doll, cute accesories and a great set for our dioramas. Yey!

Horsman’s Police Woman dolls

I’m a huge Toy Hunter fan. I watch the show every week and dream about having a job just like Jordan Hembrough. :X In this weeks episode I saw a doll I never heard of before. As I just love to discover lesser known dolls from the 70s and 80s I thought I’d do a short article about this “find”.

Police Woman was a tv show that ran between 1974 and 1978, on NBC, starring Angie Dickinson. The main focus of the show was Sgt. “Pepper” Anderson (Angie Dickinson), an undercover police officer working for the Criminal Conspiracy Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. She, together with the rest of the undercorver team, investigated everything from murders to rape and drug crimes. I know it’s kind of odd to create a doll based on a show like this but, lucky for us, Horsman doll company created this doll action figure in 1976 at the hight of the show’s popularity.

I’m not very sure why she’s considered an action figure but that’s what I read on Plaid Stallions website. Seems like the doll action figure came out with a set of five fashion sets but…and here comes the interesting part, the box, clothes and ENTIRE concept was identical to the Havoc spy dolls also from the 70s. Check out this Havoc website and THIS WEBSITE and judge the simmilarities by yourself.
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2013 Barbie news part 2

First of all I have some 2012 Barbie news. A new Fashionistas line has been spotted in Mexico.


Then here are the highlights of the designer chat that took place yesterday:

Right now just Barbie and Midge giftset (with bend legs, titan red hair) is planned for 2013
Next galactic doll: She’s evil and the villian in our sci-fi Triology “Queen of the Constellation” the last of the series. Fashion colors are black and gold. With red and black hair. She uses the Mermaid sculpt.
No Superstar/ Francie repros are currently in the works
Hauted Beauty is the start of a new series
Luncheon BFMC doll is not the US Barbie fanclub doll
More fashions and dolls for fall 2013 for “The Look” series
No new hard rock dolls
Hostess line is planned to continue
The hair on Luncheon Ensemble is pulled back and up in a high chignon which is hidden by her pink turban.
There are some boy dolls in 2013. Linda is woking on a couple
Perhaps a return of Landmark series
Definitely AA silkstone dolls in 2013, about same amount of dolls as in 2012, some day looks, evening gowns, maybe a tuxedo…
A platinum Silkstone is planned for 2013.


The platinum Silkstone they are talking about is the one that was presented at the 2012 IDC. I can’t belive they haven’t showed it already at other conventions! :O . Anyway yey, again, for the Egyptian dolls. Those are my priority! And for the last doll in the Galactic series. A Must for me. :D

Steffie: Out of The Box Volume 1

Outside is raining cats and dogs and I’m so not in a mood for anything. I’m so upset because of…well everything. Both me and my husband are going through a lot of changes in our lives and it’s not very easy. I just feel like staying at home, in bed, doing nothing, eating tortilla and watching old movies and cartoons. :(

One of the few things that have brightened my days is the arrival of the Steffie: Out of The Box Volume 1 book that I won on The Fashion Doll Review blog. As I have already told you, the book was written by Alison and it’s full of info and gorgeous pictures of Steffie faced Barbie dolls. :X

I strongly recommend that you buy this book. It’s a little treasure and a must for all Barbie collectors. I for one can’t wait for volume 2 to come out. You can order her using the widget on the left side of the blog. Happy shopping!

OOAK 80s Silver Bride Barbie

Here are the “official” pictures with my beautiful OOAK doll that I received as a wedding gift from my friend Laura. I’m beyond crazy about this doll. She’s breathtaking and so…80s. :D I love the fact that Laura always pays a lot of attention to all the details. Check out her OOAK designs blog. I’m very proud of her and her amazing work!

BC designer chat!

Ľubo Holík has just alerted me about the next designer chat that will take place in a couple of days. Can’t wait to hear news about the 2013 line. Hopefully we can find out more about the Barbie Look line, who will be the next celebrity Silkstone, maybe some more info about the Silkstone Robert Best showed at IDC 2012, the replacement for the metals series that is rumoured to be inspired by Barbie’s heritage and the Egyptian and superhero dolls I’ve read about HERE.

So many interesting things for next year! Can’t wait to read the chat.

Barbie in the 2013 edition of Guiness World Records Book

If you trully love Barbie then you surely trully “envy” Bettina Dorfmann. She’s the owner of the biggest Barbie collection in the world. Her collection is made up of 15,000 Barbie dolls and she will be featured in next year’s Guiness World Records Book. Here’s a picture of her and a small, small part of her collection.

I hope she’ll open up a Barbie museum one day because I bet I can’t begin to image all of the rare beauties that are in her collection. :X Way to go Bettina! You made us proud!


A beautiful Barbie and my wedding day

Hello guys! I’m back! Wel…sorts of. :)) I’m still tired after my wedding but I’ll be getting back to blogging ASAP. I just wanted to thank everybody for all your lovely messages and all your love. I had an amazing day and all went as planned. The only crazy thing that happened is that I fainted in church but now I have something to talk about, right? :))

As you may have seen on Facebook I also got a beautiful OOAK Barbie made by my dear friend Laura. She used one of my favourite heads from Happy Birthday Barbie 1980 and customized an amazing 80’s bride. Isn’t she just amazing? :x