UPDATE: new Fashionistas Ken and other dolls

Ok, so I went hunting for new dolls on the internet and found some other new doll.s I’m very glad I found these cute new Fashionistas Kens.

Here are some Basic Barbie dolls I’ve never seen before: BARBIE doll and gift.

Never seen these Barbie Tea Princess dolls before either.

And this I Can Be Zoo Keeper is so cute!

Mattel please stop! You are ruining me!!!

Lots and lots of playline Barbie news

If you follow me on Facebook and Flickr then you probably know the new playline Barbie dolls and sets I have uploaded yesterday. Seems like Mattel is really preparing for Christmas. :D So let’s see what we have new.

Barbie I Can Be Brb Sisters Holiday 4 Pack

A cute Target Exclusive featuring Barbie and her sisters. I love, love, love all this Christmas specials with all of the girls.

Barbie Bed and Breakfast Playset and Doll and Barbie Kitchen Playset and Doll

Hate the pink but they are ok.

Barbie Train to Trot Tawny

Seems it’s and European Exclusive. My friend Doru also found a French commercial for it.
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NiniMomo Fall 2012 Newsletter

I didn’t have time to show you the fall 2012 newsletter from Ninimomo. They have a lot of interesting articles and news. First you can check out pictures and info from the National Barbie Convention 2012.

Then you can meet Sheree Martin, the extremely talented designer responsible for creating NiniMomo’s new and amazing delegate displays and fantastic convention displays.

Also meet Meet Dave and Valerie Webster of Canada, winners of the Live Auction and Golden Ticket entries.

The collector spotlight: Kim Barrett.

2012 Grant-a-Wish Recap

And last but NOT least, this year’s Rockets! The 5th Radio City Rockette celebrating the Holiday Season wears the classic “Toy Soldier” military inspired costume used yearly for the Christmas Spectacular.

If you want to be up to date with everything Ninimomo don’t forget to check out their website and join the mailing list.

Charitybuzz and Mattel present Barbie Does Palm Springs

Charitybuzz and Mattel have united again for a charity on behalf of the LGBT community and The Center. The mission of The Center is to enrich the lives of the LGBT community. A thriving, community-based organization, the Center provides a safe and supportive environment for members to enjoy health, wellness, educational and social programs, where people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

Mattel Principal Designer Jim Holmes has designed 3 Barbie and Ken OOAK sets plus a OOAK Barbie and the prices are already very high. The sets are really pretty. I especially like Ken. He kind of reminds me of David Beckham. :P Besides of the 3 sets there’s also a beautiful collector book. Check them out below. I hope they’ll sell well!

Steffi Love VW New Bulli Party Bus

While surfing on the Simba website I saw the new VW New Bulli Party Bus for Steffi Love and I must say I’m just wowed. So many details! Such great colors! Do you see this Mattel?!

Compare that with the new Barbie I Can Be Flight Attendant. Yes shes cute but as people pointed on facebook she’s so unrealistic. Too much! I would definetly buy Steffi Love and not because it’s a set and has a bus but because it’s so much fun.

New Sindy doll by Tonner

If you’re into vintage dolls then suerly you know Pedigree’s Sindy. I’m more of a Hasbro Sindy fan, but, never the less, I admire the old 60s and 70s Sindy. A few days ago I saw an article about the new Sindy doll that i knew would come out in 2013 and that will now be produced by Tonner!

The first doll will be Trendy Girl Sindy. Can’t wait to see her!

Image credit

Here’s a french commercial that I like very much.

Here’s the official email from Tonner.

“Bulldog Licensing signs Tonner Doll Company to produce a replica Sindy doll.

The popular Sindy dolls from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s are set to return in spring 2013.

Robert Tonner and the Tonner Doll Company will produce a replica Sindy doll for the collectors market, Bulldog Licensing has announced.

The British doll first launched in 1963 and went on to sell over 150 million units worldwide. The Sindy brand is still popular today, with classic dolls selling for as much as £1,500 on eBay, Top Shop featuring Sindy in its blogs and footwear brand Irregular Choice using Sindy in its 2012 Lookbook.

Tonner will be recreating the 1972 Trendy Girl Sindy and develop original and modern clothing styles to accompany the doll.

“We are really looking forward to bringing Sindy into the Tonner fold,” said Robert Tonner. “As a huge doll collector myself, it is quite a dream come true to be able to work with such an iconic name in the world of collectibles such as Sindy.”

Bulldog MD Rob Corney added: “We are delighted to have brought a market leader such as Robert Tonner on board for a programme that is growing rapidly. Sindy is big news at present and this is being reflected in the huge amounts of interest we are dealing with from the licensing community.”

Sindy celebrates her 50th birthday next spring.”