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October 31, 2012

If you follow me on Facebook and Flickr then you probably know the new playline Barbie dolls and sets I have uploaded yesterday. Seems like Mattel is really preparing for Christmas. :D So let’s see what we have new.

Barbie I Can Be Brb Sisters Holiday 4 Pack

A cute Target Exclusive featuring Barbie and her sisters. I love, love, love all this Christmas specials with all of the girls.

Barbie Bed and Breakfast Playset and Doll and Barbie Kitchen Playset and Doll

Hate the pink but they are ok.

Barbie Train to Trot Tawny

Seems it’s and European Exclusive. My friend Doru also found a French commercial for it.

Smyth’s Exclusive Barbie Fashion Giftset

Barbie Puppy Water Park Doll, African-American

Then, via The Doll Cafe Forum, we have some amazing dolls and fashions that are already sold on the European market. Yey!!!

Can I just say wow?! The fashions are amazing! Well most of them anyway. can’t wait to get them. :X

We also have a few new I Can Be dolls.

The soccer player is a must. Too cute with those ponytails.

Here are the promo pictures of the swaping fairies I showed you before.

Some Hairplay Dolls.

Modern Fairy dolls.

And last, but not least, the doll that won the Show Your Barbie Style contest plus an unknown beautiful AA doll both Walmart exclusives. Love them both!

Oh my…that’s a lot of dolls and fashions! Anything on your Christmas list? Mine is so full it has a personality of it’s own. :))

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