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Barbie Carrefour 2012

November 4, 2012

Yey! She’s finally here! Barbie Carrefour 2012. :X Carrefour is a French hypermarket chain that is very popular in my country and every year they release a special edition Barbie that trully can not be found anywhere else. I’ve been buying these dolls for 3 years now and I’m beyond excited about this years doll also.

Please excuse the picture and my husband’s hand. He went to get some food for the cats and found her so he quickly sent me the photo. I was in bed with a bad toothache and jumped like crazy out of the bed to post about it. :)) Oh my…I can finally feel Cristmas coming. The stores have already taken out the Christmas ornaments and the toy shelfs are FULL. :X Yey for us!!

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