Happy New Year!

My dears, I just want to wish you an amazing party tonight and may all your dolly wishes come true in 2013! I’ll be back soon with a new blog, a new contest and lots of news and updates.

Happy New Year everybody!

And the winner is….

It’s finally time for me to draw the winner of the Mystic Girlz contest. I’ve lined up the contestants taking into consideration the time they placed their comment and here is the list:

1. Baican Andreea
2. Deea
3. Capruciu Cristina
4. Tracie Byrd
5. Tony Cristian
6. Laura Ilies
7. Beatrice Taylor
8. Hogyes Melania
9. Cathy Stesney

And the winner is…Baican Andreea!

castigator mystic girlz

Congrats Andreea! I’ll be shipping your doll just after the New Year. Hope you enjoy it!

New 2013 Barbie Fashionistas Metalics and Hairtastic

A new range of Barbie Fashionistas has been revealed and I must say I really like the metalic touch that these dolls have.







Rachel is super cute! She reminds of an ancient egyptian so I guess she’ll make a great project for anyone that wants to create such a themed doll. Also the blond – gold one is uber cute and her dress is nice also. can’t wait to see some ITL pictures. Also check out htese 3 new Hairtastic Barbie dolls.

Barbie  HAIR-TASTIC!® 2013 detail

Barbie  HAIR-TASTIC!® 2013

Amazing faces! OMG! They look perfect. I do need them. :X You can shop for them at Kmart.

New dolls at Toys R Us: I can Be Barbie, furniture sets

Toys R Us is stocking on dolls as Christmas is just around the corner so there are a lot of new dolls and playsets available.

Barbie Fashion Design Plates – African American

Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll

Barbie I Can Be Doll Fashion – Equestrian

Barbie I Can Be Doll Fashion – Ice Skater

Barbie I Can Be Doll Fashion – Nurse

Barbie in the Pink Shoes Ballerina Doll – Barbie as Odette

Barbie in the Pink Shoes Ballerina Doll – Barbie as Giselle’

Barbie I Can Be Doll Playset – Teacher

Barbie Doll with Furniture – Glam Bathroom

Barbie Doll with Furniture – Glam Bedroom

Barbie Doll with Furniture – Glam Dining Room

Barbie Fairytale Magic Mermaid Doll

Barbie Fairytale Magic Mermaid Doll brunette

And last but not least…My Size Barbie

New playline dolls: Barbie Sisters sets, Barbie Swim and Race Pups

And now it’s time for some new playline dolls that can already be found at Walmart.

Barbie Swim and Race Pups and Doll

Barbie Sisters’ Popcorn & Souvenirs Play Set

Barbie Sisters’ Twirl & Spin Ride Play Set

Barbie Sisters Set of 2 Sisters’ Fun Prizes Barbie and Stacie Dolls

Barbie Sisters Set of 2 Sisters’ Fun Photos Skipper and Chelsea Dolls

Love the Barbie sisters sets. They are soooo cute. This has got to be one of the best palylines that Mattel has done in the last years. :X

New Barbie Collector 2013: Linda Kyaw’s Global Glamour, Barbie si Midge set, BFMC Cocktail Dress

Some of the dolls we’ve heard about all year have been previewed including the doll show to us at IDC 2012.

Bill Greening’s Barbie & Midge Gift Set and Doll Case



BFMC Cocktail Dress


Linda Kyaw’s Global Glamour


I’m not crazy about the Midge set but I like the fact it comes in a vintage case. The Silkstone is so beautiful and delicate but what’s with Linda’s doll? /:) Not liking her now but I’ll analize her and maybe I’ll chage my mind like I have before.


Giveaway time! Win a Simba Mystics Girlz

It’s that time of the year! The Christmas giveaway time. I’m offering everyone the chance to win this super cute Mystics Girlz by Simba. She comes with a blue and black ensamble, a cute creepy pet and flexible hands and feet.

All you have to do is like my Facebook page and post here a comment with your Facebook profile and why you want to win this doll. Entries end on December 19th. The contest is opened to all my readers. The winner will be selected using random.org and the prize will be shipped after the New Year.

Good luck everyone!