My collection: Selena doll

While being in Amsterdam at the end of October 2012 I visited a cute little shop called Space Oditty where I found this amazing Selena doll that I just could not resit. If ever are in Amsterdam do head to that shop. It’s full of amazing toys and figurines and the owners are sooooooooooo nice! A big hug and shoutout to them. :*

Anyway, getting back to the doll, I must admitt at first I wasn’t sute I wanted to get it. I try to spend my money on just Barbie dolls but in the end I just couldn’t resit. She’s so pretty and well made.

If you don’t know who Selena is let’s me tell you a few things about her. She was a popular tejano singer in the 90s and was on her way to become an international sensation when she was killed by the president of her fanclub. Such a tragic end for a beautiful and talented singer. :( Her story was made into a movie in 1997 and she was portraied by Jennifer Lopez. Love that movie! I’m actually going to watch it right after I finish this article.

The doll wears a copy of the purple jumpsuite Selena wore at her last concert, only a month before her death. She also has a guitar, a microphone and a heart ring for girls. I love, love ehr eyes, lips and her skintone. I saw on Flickr that someone put her head on an articulated Barbie body and she looks amazing. Hopefully I can find a deboxed doll because I really want to do that also.

But for now I’ll just enjoy her as she is. :)










And here is the concert I was telling you about. Such a talent…. :( So sad.

Anyone here collects Selena dolls? I would love to see your dolls.


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