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Barbie @ New York Toy Fair part 2

February 8, 2013

Crazy, crazy day! So many Barbie news!! Here are some more.

Barbie® Color Chalk Hair


Representative of real-life trends and style, the Barbie Chalk Hair salon doll allows girls to create a rainbow of hair styles for the world’s most fashionable doll. Girls pick a chalk filled color pod, clip a section of Barbie doll’s hair and swipe down – color appears as the pod moves over hair. Girls can add multiple streaks, blend colors and style for unique, creative and customizable looks.
ARP: $21.99

Age: 5+

Available: July

Barbie® Digital Dress Doll



Always wearing the latest fashions from the red carpet to the runway, Barbie® Digital Dress doll makes a customizable digital fashion statement combining fashion, sound-activation and on-trend technology. Using the latest LED and touch-screen technology, girls can create and select their own animated digital designs which appear on Barbie doll’s dress. There are three modes of play—choose from ready-to-go graphics like hearts and fireworks, draw custom designs, and watch designs respond to sound and music. Barbie® doll’s black dress uses a 4.5 square inch resistive touch panel and 114 tri-color LEDs. The runway has never shined brighter!

ARP: $49.99

Age: 6+

Available: August

Barbie™ & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale TRAIN & RIDE™ Horse






In a new story, Barbie™ & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale, Barbie™ and her sisters travel to the horse academy and make some new animal friends. This set celebrates the instant connection Barbie™ has with a wild horse which she trains. Looking like a magical maneuver, girls simply press the horse\\\’s forehead to turn it on to see it interact with Barbie® doll. Raise Barbie® doll\\\’s arm, and the horse will walk toward her; lower her arm halfway, and the horse will stop. Lower Barbie® doll\\\’s arm completely, and the horse will execute an affectionate bow. Girls will love recreating scenes from the movie with this interactive doll and horse set.

ARP: $49.99

Age: 3+

Available: July

Barbie™ Life in the Dreamhouse Fashion Vending Machine™


When there is a fashion emergency, Barbie® doll and her friends can rely on the nearest Fashion Vending Machine™ to save the outfit! Girls can make their Dream Closet style visions a reality using Barbie® doll’s new fashion-saving concept. Girls can load the compartments with their favorite Barbie® accessories- purses, shoes and jewelry –then turn the levers to rotate their position within the vending machine. Once a fashion item is selected, girls can slide a lever to make it shoot down the vending machine shaft, ready to be stashed in one of the included shopping bags. Completing an outfit was never this fun or easy!

ARP: $22.99

Age: 3+

Available: August

Love the digital dress doll! Yey again for articulation. And that vending machine is to die for. Bring them on Mattel.

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