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Update: Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2013

March 1, 2013

As I have already announced on Facebook, this year I’ll be going to the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. I’m so excited! It’s one of the 2 great doll festivals in Europe and I adore their convention dolls. :P I’ve just found out that this year I’ll have a chance to meet Robert Best again and also Linda Kyaw will be present. :X


So if you want me to ask them any question please feel free to write them here, in a comment. I’ll be live blogging from the convention so be sure to bookmark this site and check back here for lots of info and pictures.

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  • Reply lubo March 1, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Ada, could you ask Linda on countries she is planning to add into DOTW collection or if she plans to use some of older faces in some of her future lines (especially Diva or Asha). Thank you very much and have so much fun! :)

  • Reply desu March 3, 2013 at 2:04 am

    Hi,Ada conratulation for this good chance please ask Linda which is next doll is in global glamour collection and which face mold she is going to used and is there any another fantasy barbie by her this year.

  • Reply Kate March 7, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Hello Ada! I don’t remember commenting you before but I read your blog regularly. Thanks for giving so much useful and interesting information! I’m so glad for you and your plans for the Paris festival.
    Could you please ask if any jointed collectible dolls are planned in the future. Maybe something like the Basics. They’re a huge success, and I know that many collectors crave for extra poseability, though they may love the design no matter how articulated the doll is. I often hear people talk about more poseable dolls, and many Barbie collectors (especially those who love to “play” and take pictures) buy a collectible Barbie AND a Fashionistas OR a Pivotal Barbie, and then place the head on the articulated body.
    Greetings from Russia! There are lots of Barbie fans here. :)

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