Simba’s Steffi Love update: playsets, fashions, dolls

As you may have already seen, I love Steffi Love, the German doll made by Simba. Today I discovered their website has been updated with a tone of fashions, dolls, sets and accesories. I love the fact that they use a lot of articulation for their dolls. Kudos to them! Mattel, please take notes. ;)

On my wish list are the jeans dolls, the animal sets, the coffee shop and the Steffi & Evie sets. Absolut adorbs! Check them out below.

Jeans Fashion


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    Hee. Yet Jeans Fashion is still a blatant ripoff of Basics… Not that I mind, but I wish Simba would avoid this sort of thing in order to look more like their own company and less like they’re making a knockoff.

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      Unfortunatelly no, but I see that Kmart is selling the repackaged Mystic Girls dolls (goth Steffi Love) so maybe they’ll also start doing that with the main Steffi Love line.

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