Steffi Love Minnie Mouse Collection 2013

Well it looks like Steffi Love is getting some love from the doll collecting community. I see more and more people interested in her and that makes me happy. Also I’ve seen dolls popping up in US stores. :D

Below you can find some great promo pictures of the new 2013 Minnie Mouse Steffi Love Collection. The dolls are already in stores across Europe so be sure to check out your local toy shop if you like these dolls. I will definetly be buying the Steffi LOVE Minnie Mouse Urban Style dolls and some of the fashion packs. So, so cute!

Steffi LOVE Minnie Mouse Fashion Girl

UPDATE Possible JLO Barbie image

These images are part of a Barbie Collector survey. Other dolls were featured including some really nice possible playline Barbies. I so wish Mattel would start producing again more realistic looking playline dolls. These remind me of the Fashion Fever line. So cute!

blue pink 2013

new playline

Hi everybody!

First of all let me say sorry for being MIA, but I’m sick. I got…chicken pox. :( Yup…at 32 years old. I never had the so called childhood illnesses so here I am! Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating one week of being quarantined in the house and it looks like I’ll be staying another week. :((

Anyway, getting back to our Barbie dolls, Doll Genie is reporting that these might be the Jennifer Lopez Barbie dolls. Very elegant! I really like them. Can’t really tell if they look like JLO, but I loke their faishions. Can’t wait to bigger images.

jlo barbies 2013

New Supermodel dolls by Simba

Simba, the company that creates the lovely Steffi Love doll, has launched a new doll series called Supermodel that consists of 4 characters: Juls, Sara, Bel and Miri. The official synopsis:

Juls, Sara, Bel and Miri are BFFs who show off their skills on the catwalk. The fully moveable supermodels always wear the trendiest clothes, suitable for any season and any event.


They remind me a lot of the Moxie dolls but I quite enjoy their fashions and accesories. I wonder if they fit Barbie… That would be very nice because I so miss the non-pink/no-glitter My Scene and Fashion Fever clothes.

Check out below all the available dolls a this moment and go to the official site for more images and details.

New Hunger Games Barbie dolls 2013

My friend and colleague Lubo has announced that three new Hunger Games Barbie dolls are coming out this year. They are:

– Hunger Games Katniss (Oct) $36
– Hunger Games Gale (Oct) $36
– Hunger Games Peeta (Oct) $36

hunger games barbie ken 2013

I’m not a Hunger Games fan but I can’t wait to see the new Katniss Barbie especially if she will be wearing the fabulous dress from the poster. :x And now, as a bonus, here’s the first ever Hunger Games: Cathing Fire trailer.

Magia 2000 “Paris in Bloom” for GAW 2013

Mario and Gianni from Magia 2000 have just previewed the amazing OOAK Barbie doll they’ll be donating for this year’s GAW Convention. The theme of the convention is “Spring Time in Paris” and it will take place on April 19th ~ 21st.

Paris in Bloom

can’t wait to see the convention doll! Any of my readers going to the convention?

Info about the Barbie and Midge 50th Anniversary Gift Set

Via Doll Genie I have some very sad news for all the collectors that really wanted the Barbie® and Midge® 50th Anniversary Gift Set in their collection.

For your information… MATTEL has cancelled all orders for the Barbie/Midge Anniversary Set 4/9/2013 – if you didn’t get a shipment of them yet, you will not be getting one :(


No official statement yet about the reason. :( I bet now the set will start selling for INSANE amounts of eBay.