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Exclusive info from the Italian Doll Convention 2013: New AA Silkstone Barbie 2013, Sybarite Prototype

May 28, 2013

Hi guys! Finally home and finally rested. :D I had a blast at this year’s IDC! Such a fun convention. Lots and lots of dear collector friends, lots of activities and such a fun gala dinner. I’m so excited that I got to spend time with my dear friends Ibrahim, Simon from (he was actually “crowned” my convention husband :)) :)) ), Ile (the most gorgeous mommy to be), Nicoletta (our table host), Monica and the great gand from the Coleccionistas de Fashion Dolls en Madrid Club (i’ll soon have more info about the Official Barbie Convention in Madrid), my sweet, sweet Francesco from, the amazing Mario and Ginanni from Magia 2000, Alessandro and Giuseppe from Artist’s Creations and all the amazing collectors that made this convention such a success!

Some of the most important moments from this convention were, just like last year, the sneak peaks and exclusive info about several Barbie Collector dolls. First let me just say that I belive Bob Mackie is having a strong comeback in the Barbie community. There was a video interview with him, his dolls were displayed in the sales room and an upcoming doll made by him was sneak peaked. So get ready for some Bob Mackie craziness!

Right now let’s talk about the exclusive info we got at this convention.

1. We got to see the new AA Silkstone in a movie that will also be uploaded on the official BC YouTube channel.

2. This is the dress the new Jennifer Lopez Barbie will be wearing. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the doll as I had just stepped out and go back to the table a little bit too late. :(

jennifer lopez barbie 2013

3. There were also images with the new Audrey Hepburn dolls but you already know how they’ll look. The Givenchy dress from Sabrina will be a Silkstone and the one from Roman Holiday will a Pink Label.

audrey hepburn barbie

4. There was a presenatation of the Herve Leger set but I MISSED IT!!! I’m so pissed off… :(( I’ll try to find a picture soon.

As we are talking about exclusive info I have to show you an amazing Sybarite prototype that Charles and Desmond from Superdoll shared with Simon and I. She is just breathtaking! I’m not a Sybarite collector but I think Charles managed to convince me that I should really have at least one in my collection. You can’t imagine the details, the love and the overall care for quality of these dolls. And the photos I’ve seen online don’t do them justice.

Thanks to Simon for the images!

So that’s all the info from IDC 2013. As I said, I’ll upload soon the videos from the gala dinner but now I’ll just let you enjoy some images that were made by Lella Pastrochhio. Thak you dear for letting me use your images! You can see almost 300 images on her Facebook page.

Also be sure to check the blog of my dear Rogier Corbeau for other fun info.

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  • Reply rogier May 28, 2013 at 10:08 am

    I think we all missed the Herve Leger giftset ;-) But is was gorgeous ! Loving the sybarite prototype. See you soon xoxo R

    • Reply Ada May 28, 2013 at 10:12 am

      I’m so very upset because of that. :((

  • Reply Pabboo Redfeather May 29, 2013 at 4:07 am

    OH I love Bob Mackie hes one of my favorite designers!

  • Reply Doll Genie June 18, 2013 at 3:36 am

    Hi, one of our friends across the ocean shared this with us. I wish it was a better picture, but its all I have.
    Here is the link on facebook. I also posted the new Catwoman and Batman dolls.. enjoy!

    • Reply Ada June 18, 2013 at 6:19 am

      Hey! Thank you. I have already posted them on my Facebook page last night. As I was already in bed I didn’t get a chance to post them here also but I’ll do that right now.

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