Sybarites Monoglam: Meadow

Remeber the Sybarite prototype I showed you when I came back from IDC? Well she has just been released on the Superdoll website and she’s just as stunning as I remember her.

syb meadow1

syb meadow2

Here’s the official info on this gorgeous girl.


GEN 3:2
Venus clone: 0779, regular skintone!


Eyes of blue, dusted in blue pollen eyeshadow. triple liner to top lid in dreamy blue, stark white and black. Lips of preserved ginger and melon.
Sheer blue organza corselette printed in blue daisy print and glitter. Walking shorts of blue reverse satin bear leg splits, patch pockets, waistband and beltloops.Blue powdered bed jacker trimmed in petals, faggotting, ribbons, bows and fringing.
Hair of matching blue in mohair, braided, twisted and knotted at her back nape. Wig is trimmed in silk ribbon bows and whispy ends that add the beautiful aura of summers carefree times.
Accessories consist: ‘leather’ and grosgrain belt with fringed tassles, AW tag earings and the daintiest, most delicious blue stiletto courts ever to grace the Sybarites!

Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.

*prototype shown .
Doll is currently in transit. Please allow 40 days and 40 nights for delivery.. click here for superimage
In stock

Price: £384.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

So, what do you think about her? Will any of you purchase her?

Ever After High promo images

Mattel has started releasing every day a promo picture of the dolls from the new Ever After High series. The dolls are gorgeous but it seams that they will not be released in the US until 2014. :S That is so weird… I wonder why? I have a feeling that a lot of people will start selling them on eBay at HUGE prices so be prepared for some really cray-cray Ever After High madness.

Ok, now back to the dolls. First up is Raven Queen, the daughter of the Evil Queen.

raven queen

I have always loved the combination of red and dark hair on dolls so this girl is a must for me. I love the fact that she doesn’t look evil but still has a dark feel about her.

The second doll is Apple White, the daughter of Show White and Raven’s room mate.

apple white

I bet this girl will be a hit with kids because of her luch blonde hair. It’s funny that they chose Snow White’s daughter to have blonde hair but I guess it’s a nice surprise.

So, what do you think of these dolls? Are you going to fight to get them?

Italian Doll Convention 2014 updates!

Yey! Mario and Gianni have released the official info for the 4th edition of the AMAZING Italian Doll Convention. The 2014 edition will take place Saturday May 31st & Sunday June 1st, 2014, at the same lovely Melia Hotel in Milano.

italian doll convention 2014

Next year’s theme will be Oriental and you can already start signing up by visiting the OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Make sure you don’t miss this convention as I can tell you, from experience, that it’s so much fun!! I’ve met some of my very best doll friends at this convention and I can’t wait to go back again. :X

Can you imagine I have already picked up the gifts for my table mates? :)) Yeah, I’m THAT excited about this convention. So see you there next year!

New playline Barbie dolls: Astronaut, Pony Tale, Holiday

Lots of new playline dolls are coming our way and some of them are very, very cute! Let’s see who they are and share some thougts on them:

Barbie Glam Dining Room Furniture Set

Barbie Glam Dining Room Furniture Set

This new set in the Glam series looks very cute and I see potential in it if you decide to buy it and paint the sofa.

Barbie I Can Be Gymnastics Teacher Playset

Barbie I Can Be Gymnastics Teacher Playset 2

Barbie I Can Be Gymnastics Teacher Playset

Cute set with accesories. I always loved the gym/sports theme so this looks like a must for me.

Barbie I Can Be Pet Groomer Playset

Barbie I Can Be Pet Groomer Playset

Barbie I Can Be Pet Groomer Playset2

Cute but not really my cup of tea. I would have loved for the dogs to have hair. I miss those ’80s Barbie animals. They were so much fun.

Barbie I Can Be Dessert Chef Playset

Barbie I Can Be Dessert Chef Playset

Barbie I Can Be Dessert Chef Playset2

Barbie I Can Be Dessert Chef Playset3

Interesting concept, but a no for me. Don’t really like the chef theme.

Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale RV Vehicle

This looks like so much fun! And I love car playsets. Too bad it’s $89.99 . :(

Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale Stable Playset

Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale Stable Playset

I’ve seen this kind of set, almost identical, too many times.

Barbie I Can Be Space Explorer Doll

Yey! Astronauts! :X Such a fun theme. The girls look so cute.

Barbie Sisters Skipper & Chelsea Doll 2-Pack

Barbie Sisters Skipper & Chelsea Doll 2-Pack

Better picture of the dolls presented HERE.

Barbie Holiday Ballet 4-Pack

Barbie Holiday Ballet 4-Pack

Looks like fun but c’mon Mattel…painted bodies AGAIN?

Barbie I Can Be Rock Star African-American Doll

Barbie I Can Be Rock Star African-American Doll

You werk it girl!

Barbie Sisters Barbie & Stacie Doll 2-Pack

Barbie Sisters Barbie & Stacie Doll 2-Pack

Better picture of the dolls presented HERE.

Barbie Sisters Twins Doll 2-Pack

Barbie Sisters Twins Doll 2-Pack

So I was right! The boy is Barbie’s brother. How nice. :X Better picture of the dolls presented HERE.

Barbie Collector Holiday Doll

2013 Holiday Barbie playline

I don’t understand why she’s “colelctor Barbie” but I love her!!

Barbie Fiat Vehicle 2013

Barbie Fiat Vehicle 2013

Barbie Fiat Vehicle2 2013

I love the blouse Barbie is wearing. Cute set. I can never say no to a doll car. :P

Barbie Pet Driver Playset

Barbie Pet Driver Playset

Barbie Pet Driver Playset2

Again…I can’t find the apeal in this playset.

So…any faves? Are going to run to the nearest toy store to look for any of these dolls and sets?

Some of the images were taken from The Doll Cafe Forum.

That Doll MagEzine issue #2 is out!

The scond issue of That Doll MagEzine is out and you can download it from the magazine’s website for just $5.99 USD.

that doll no2

Here’s some info:

Dawn’s Debut

by Judy King & Barry Sturgill

The mid-1960s were The Era of the Tiny Doll… Mattel’s Liddle Kiddles, Uneeda’s Pee Wees, Hasbro’s Dolly Darlings and a host of others paved the way for a whole generation of palm-sized playmates…

As the decade drew to a close, New Jersey’s Topper Toys was gearing up to introduce a brand new, petite-but-grownup charmer named Dawn! No stranger to doll fashion, Topper (originally Deluxe Reading Corporation) had a long and successful history with famous ‘n fashionable larger dolls like Candy, Penny Brite, the Go-Gos, Suzy Cute and many others.

At a mere six-and-a-half inches high, this new pint-sized fashionista was barely half the size of her leggy rival Barbie. But despite her small stature, Dawn…

This magazine is a must for any vintage doll collector so be sure to get your copy ASAP.

Real Housewivves of Atlanta Cynthia Bailey Doll

According to, the One World Doll Project has partenered with Real Housewivves of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey to create a doll that will resemble her.


Stacey McBride-Irby announces:

The One World Doll Project has been approached by many celebrities desiring to have a doll created in their image and Cynthia Bailey was the perfect choice to be our first celebrity collectors doll. Over the next few months, we intend to undertake four of these celebrity doll projects which we anticipate will generate approximately $1.2 million in annual revenue for the company.
Partnerships with celebrities like Cynthia Bailey are a key part of our strategy to create shareholder value and establish The One World Doll Project as a significant first- mover in the underserved multi-cultural doll market.

Well…I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this. I have watched the first seasons of RHOA (yeah..a guilty pleasure of mine :D ) and I like Cynthia but I still think that reality starts are not good role models for…well…anybody. :( I wonder who the other 3 celebrities are?

Who would you like to see turned into a doll?

W Club Exclusive Broadway Magic Jem

Integrity Toys is really killing me with these Jem and The Holograms dolls! I love every one of them so i really should start reconsidering my dolly budget. And the problem is that we have just bought a new apartment so all my family budget will go into that. :( Not a very good time for buying dolls but this one is just saying “Buy me, Ada! BUY ME!” *sigh*.




Broadway Magic Jem is a W Club Exclusive and comes with a cardboard diorama backdrop which requires assembly (designed by Alain Tremblay), a wireless microphone, a love letter from Rio, tickets and the showbill to her debut show and a ticket to Ellis Island. She’ll retail for $119 and all members of the club must complete their orders until July 17.

Is it just me or the dress really resembles a Barbie Twice as Nice fashion called Double Date?

Info via Fashion Doll Review.

Barbie® Life in the Dreamhouse Collection on Barbie Collector

Now this is a very, very nice surprise! The Barbie® Life in the Dreamhouse Collection is up on and each doll costs just $16.99. That’s an amazing price for a doll with articulation, cute face and very nice fashions. Ok, so Barbie’s is not that nice as it’s pink again, but I trullu, trully love this collection!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Mattel do this kind of dolls more often. Pretty please? If you are reading my blog, and I know you are, please, please listen to us, your loving and faithfull collectors: we want more articulation, more realistic fashions and more of the old face molds. :D


Barbie Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday 2013

Hi guys. Just a quick post to show you the promo images of the new Barbie Audrey Hepburn Roman Holiday 2013. I found them on the Coleccionistas de Barbie en España Facebook group so the thankyous go out to them.

barbie roman holiday1

barbie roman holiday2

I’m not really a fan of Barbie dolls inspired by movies of celebrieties but I have to admit this girl is cute. Her face really resembles the actress and the fashion is spot on. If only she had articulation and not that boring Model Muse body. So, so, so sick of it. :(

Safari the new OOAK Barbie by The Black Swan Company

I’ve discovered this amazing OOAK artists some time ago with the help of my dear friend Monica from Coleccionistas de Fashion Dolls en Madrid. The Black Swan Company are Francesco Catalano and Mary Deneb, these incredible artists that have created some iconic OOAK dolls such as the Swan dolls in 2011.

ooak swan barbie

I know there are a lot of great OOAK artists out there but the attention to details, the dark beauty of these ballerinas and their amazing grace, has made me fall in love with their creations. I trully hope one day we’ll see them create a convention doll for Mattel, just like Ninimomo and Magia 2000 have done.

Even though I love their ballerina dolls, I was tottaly blown away by their lates creation, a beautiful Safari Queen that just takes your breath away with her wild, savage beauty.


Here’s what the artists have to say about her:

The doll is one of a kind, so no more copies will be made and limited to only this one worldwide.

Features total facial paint make-over, unique lioness eyelashes, rooted zebra hair, lined waistcoat and skirt.

The doll has a tribal hairdressing and an interlaced design with long zebra extension and on the top a couture leopard-skin hat with feathers and a brown rose.

Doll wears a gold skirt, fur-lined waistcoat and fur-lined gown. Waistcoat and gown are internally covered with gold sparkling lycra and are fully hand-embroidered with hundreds of brown, topaz and ocher Original Crystal Swarovski, brown sequins and beads.

The Queen carries maybe one of the most spectacular part of the doll, an imperious lion fur coat, very rich and long, as part of the style of our company. No animals were harmed in the making of the fur coat of the doll.

Her boots matches her outifit and are made by tabby fur.

The doll carries a scepter on her left hand, with a sun-idol and long strings embroidered with Swarovski and sequins.

Style of the doll is a mix between wild and fashionable, savage but sophisticated.

The force of the Lion, the agility of the leopard, the power of the tiger and the charm of the zebra gave birth to this Sahara Explorer. Are you ready for the trip?

Outfit is removable.

If you like her just as much as I do, you can bid on her on eBay. The winner will be one lucky collector!

Good luck to you all and I promise I’ll keep you updated with the Black Swan Company’s creations. ;)