Mattel’s new doll line: Ever After High

I bet you have all heard about the new Monster High spin-off doll line called Ever After High. This line is about a school where children of fairies go. Just like Monster High but, let’s say, they are on the brigh side of the fairy tale land.

ever after high logo

The main story right now is about Apple White (Snow White’s daughter) and Raven Queen (Evil Queen’s daughter). These are also the 2 dolls that will first come out next month. Here’s a video about this line.

So we have two groups: the Royals and the Rebels. Do I think these new groups of magic teenagers will conquer the hearts of kids and doll collectors just like Monster High did? Maybe. I’m sure the first dolls wil sell out quick (btw you can see HERE two leaked images of Apple and Raven) but I don’t think they’ll be as succesufull as MH. Why? Well when Monster High came out there weren’t any other dolls just like that. There were no cute and sexy monster dolls that also had articulated bodies so collectors and kids fell in love the second they saw them. This new line sounds lke fun but I have a feeling people just want more Monster High dolls and new characters not a complete different line with a different story.

But I might just be wrong… We’ll just have to wait and see what will happen when the dolls will official hit the shelves. In the meantime check out two videos about the Ever After High and it’s students.

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3 thoughts on “Mattel’s new doll line: Ever After High

  1. I was put off by the characters in Ever After. I mean really. “Raven Queen, daughter of Evil Queen”. How much more generic can it get. “Queen” as a last name? “Hi, my name’s Evil. I’m not a stereotype! Honest!” Yeesh. I wasn’t fond of the names in MH but I could ignore them. I can’t ignore an evil queen named ‘Evil Queen’. It just bothers me. Seems sloppy and only highlights the fact that the line was made simply to milk MH’s success.

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