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Second Barbie Collectors Convention in Spain

June 3, 2013

As I have already told you, the Spanish barbie community is hard at work. Besides the Madrid Fashion Doll Show, that I’ve told you about, the Spanish collectors will also have a national convention that will take place on the 5th and on the 6th of October. I’m going to follow it because it sounds like fun.


There will also be a convention doll that is designed by a Spanish OOAK artist called David Bocci. He is a young artist who moved to Madrid in 2002 and became involved in the world of fashion. Since then, his career has been very rich, working in various fields: portraitist, illustrator, photographer, graphic designer and costume and puppets designer. In 2012 he launched a project called Refugio Rosa that is aimed at restoring old and forgotten Barbies and then giving them up for adoption.


You can read a very interesting interview on El Blog de Ken and find out more about David and his work. I for one am very curious about the doll he’s going to create. Can’t wait to see it. You know I love convention dolls. :P

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    […] for one can’t wait to see the convention doll created by David Bocci. For more info check out El Blog de […]

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