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Safari the new OOAK Barbie by The Black Swan Company

June 10, 2013

I’ve discovered this amazing OOAK artists some time ago with the help of my dear friend Monica from Coleccionistas de Fashion Dolls en Madrid. The Black Swan Company are Francesco Catalano and Mary Deneb, these incredible artists that have created some iconic OOAK dolls such as the Swan dolls in 2011.

ooak swan barbie

I know there are a lot of great OOAK artists out there but the attention to details, the dark beauty of these ballerinas and their amazing grace, has made me fall in love with their creations. I trully hope one day we’ll see them create a convention doll for Mattel, just like Ninimomo and Magia 2000 have done.

Even though I love their ballerina dolls, I was tottaly blown away by their lates creation, a beautiful Safari Queen that just takes your breath away with her wild, savage beauty.


Here’s what the artists have to say about her:

The doll is one of a kind, so no more copies will be made and limited to only this one worldwide.

Features total facial paint make-over, unique lioness eyelashes, rooted zebra hair, lined waistcoat and skirt.

The doll has a tribal hairdressing and an interlaced design with long zebra extension and on the top a couture leopard-skin hat with feathers and a brown rose.

Doll wears a gold skirt, fur-lined waistcoat and fur-lined gown. Waistcoat and gown are internally covered with gold sparkling lycra and are fully hand-embroidered with hundreds of brown, topaz and ocher Original Crystal Swarovski, brown sequins and beads.

The Queen carries maybe one of the most spectacular part of the doll, an imperious lion fur coat, very rich and long, as part of the style of our company. No animals were harmed in the making of the fur coat of the doll.

Her boots matches her outifit and are made by tabby fur.

The doll carries a scepter on her left hand, with a sun-idol and long strings embroidered with Swarovski and sequins.

Style of the doll is a mix between wild and fashionable, savage but sophisticated.

The force of the Lion, the agility of the leopard, the power of the tiger and the charm of the zebra gave birth to this Sahara Explorer. Are you ready for the trip?

Outfit is removable.

If you like her just as much as I do, you can bid on her on eBay. The winner will be one lucky collector!

Good luck to you all and I promise I’ll keep you updated with the Black Swan Company’s creations. ;)

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