Some great pieces of news for all Sindy fans!

Via my dear Simon’s website, Doll Observers, we have this great video from the 2013 Sindy Convention in UK. Check out the video below, especially from the 9:23 minute. Actually one of the Sindy commercials featured in this movie, the French one, was uploaded by me on YouTube. :P

Looks like next year the new Sindy dolls made by Tonner will be released, made we’ll get a first doll at the end of this year, and in August a new Sindy website will be launched. :X Go Sindy! I can’t wait to see the new dolls. Check the video below for more details. Looks like the new Sindy will be as close as possible to the Trendy Girl Sindy. Are you excited or what? I sure am!


Barbie Collection: Around the World with Fashion

A friend of mine and fellow Barbie collector, Silvia, has just stumbled across this amazing UK official Barbie site called “Barbie Collection: Around the World with Fashion“. It’s the 2013 version of the Discover the World With Barbie series and there’s also a French site for this collection: Les Robes De Voyages.

les robes barbie 2013

Every week you can buy the magazine at the news stands and you get a Barbie fashion from a certain country plus lots more stuff. Here’s the list of all the countries that will be featured: CLICK HERE. Yey! Number 12 is Romania! Can’t wait to see her. :X I must get my hands on this collection. Looks amazing! Check out a promo video plus the countries that have already been featured.

Arent’ they just gorgeous? I love each and every one. Good job Mattel! Now let’s hope you get my country right. :)) Last time you didn’t. :))

A New Book about Clone Doll Collecting

One of my Flickr contacts, Polly Plasty, has just released a book about the wonderfull world of clone doll collecting. The book is bilingual, German and English, and you can buy it from eBay or THIS WEBSITE.

clone book

Forgotten Fashion- and Teen Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s” is an introductory identification guide to collecting Clone dolls. The book has 82 pages, with color images and it introduces dolls that were sold in the United States during the 1960s/70s. The book contains short descriptions (e.g. body specifics, markings) and color photos of more than 60 dolls , along with some information about involved companies at the time. It is designed for beginning clone collectors.


List of dolls: Alice – Annettte – Miss Babette – Bonita – Boutique-Dolls – Charly – Debbie – Debby – Denise – Groovy Girl – Maddie Mod – Mariclare – Marlene – Maxi Mod – Mini Mod – Millie – Miss Co-Ed – Miss Fashion – Miss Space Needle – Miss Teen – Miss Teenager – Mitzi – Polly – Suzette – Tina-Marie – Twistee – U-heads – Wendy – Andy – Ben – Bruce – Chuck – Craig – Don – Randy – Rick – Ted – Tommy – Corky – Dimples – Lil Sister – Marty – Miss Gwen – Miss Kitty – Myra – Rusty – Sandy and some more.

I’ll be ordering it next week! I fell in love with these so called clones a year ago and now I’m fascinated with all these very unknown fashion dolls from the 60s and 70s.

Happy 25th birthday, Teresa!

According to D7ana from A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures, today is Barbie’s friend Teresa’s 25th birthday! Teresa was first introduced in the California Dream line from 1988 and has continued as a trusted friend of Barbie ever since. She even has her own face mold that is popular with a lot of collectors.

california dream teresa

Her first appearance used the Hispanic face mold and her own mold was introduced in 1992, in the RollerBlades Barbie line.


Image source

The doll that Ninimomo created for my husband when he proposed to me and that was made to resemble me, was also made using a Teresa doll so you can imagine how close this girl is to my heart. :D


Happy birthday, Teresa! :X We love you!

Steffie Barbie OOAK Giveaway at A Doll Affinity

If you are a Steffie fan, just like I am :D , don’t hesitate to enter this amazing give away from A Doll Affinity. You get a chance to win a gorgeous articulated and rerooted OOAK Steffie Barbie by following a few steps.


1. Follow the blog and leave a comment on the giveaway blog post to let me everyone you would like to be entered. Here is the link to the giveaway post: LINK = 1 Entry

2. “Like” A Doll Affinity on Facebook and leave a comment on this post (<- click link to see) to let the owner you would like to be entered = 1 Entry 3. Re-blogging (on any blog site) = 5 Entries and for EVEN MORE entries.... 4. Share this link (<- click link to see) for the giveaway on ANY social networking site for an extra 3 entries per site you share on! Those entries can really add up! Important! ***Please make sure that when you share the giveaway on facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc, or when you re-blog about this giveaway (doesn't have to be blogger), that you post a link to the location where you have shared or re-blogged in the comments section of this post (<- click link to see).

News roundup: The Stingers, Limited Edition Ariel 2013, Poppy Parker 2013

I’m finally home and I can’t tell you how happy I am sitting at my computer. :X I missed it so much. :)) Now I’m heading out in town with my hubby. He discovered a great sea food restaurant and he’s treating me to some squid. Yummy!

So just before leaving I’m going to do a quick recap of all the info I posted yesterday on my Facebook page, while I was traveling from my home town to the capital city.

First up are the amazing dolls released by Integrity Toys. I’m most excited about the new Stingers from Jem and The Holograms but I love all the other releases. I have to say I’m so glad Integrity released these amazing characters that were never released in the 80s due to the cancelation of the show. Can we hope now that we’ll also get the 1988 unreleased dolls like Rockin’ Romance or American Beauty? :D


Poppy Parker continues to suprise me with some amazing dolls and sets.

New Poppy Parker Teen dolls

poppy parker teen 2013

Poppy Parker in Barefoot in the Park

Poppy Parker Barefoot in the Park

And last but not least Buenos Aires Victoire Roux.


Disney Store has released the first promo of the new Limited Edition Ariel Doll 2013. Lovely!!

Limited Edition Ariel Doll 2013

And also here is a first image of the gorgeous Fairytale Designer Collection Doll Sets.

Fairytale Designer Collection Dolls


And a great piece of news from the Italian Doll Convention. Next year the doll convention will be again a Silkstone! :X

idc 2014

Stephen Burrows Alazne Barbie Doll 2013

I’m in awe! Can’t say I was crazy about the first Stephen Burrows doll but I’m totally in love with the new Alazne Barbie. As I emntioned before, I’m not going to post clear pictures of her but I will comment and describe her.

Alazne Barbie 2013

Stephen Burrows Alazne Barbie Doll 2013 is designed by Lynda Kyaw, Gold Label and will be released next month. Her dress is made out of sequins and she’s wearing silver high gloves. On her hear is a beautiful metallic head piece that resemblance the neck decorations wore by some tribes from Africa. Absolutely amazing! I love her and she’s a must. Can’t wait for HQ images. :X

New Disney Frozen Hans and Kristoff dolls

I’m not crazy about the new Disney movie, Frozen, based on the classic tale by Hans C. Andersen. I don’t really like the look of the two princesses and I’m not crazy about the dolls representing them, either.

But I sure do like the two male characters! DS Hans and Kristoff are so handsome and they sure look better than the cartoons!

DS Hans and Kristoff from Frozen

DS Hans and Kristoff from Frozen2

No word yet on their release date or the price but I’m guessing they will come out next month and they will retail at aprox $14.99.

You can see the other dolls on my Romanian blog.

Image source

And some fashions for the guys: Ken Fashionista Closet 2013

We’ve talked about the girls so now it’s Ken time!! Here are some new Ken Fashionista Closet 2013 sets.

First is a smart/casual set that looks amazing and very…real.

Barbie Ken Fashionista Closet (2 Pack)

Barbie Ken Fashionista Closet (2 Pack)2

But my favourite is the Outdoor set that looks both cool and chic. I can totally see my Kens wearing these fashions.

Barbie Ken Fashionista Closet (2 Pack) - Outdoors

Barbie Ken Fashionista Closet (2 Pack) - Outdoors2

Their retail price is $13.99.

Will you be buying them?

Playline and Collector news: JLo Barbie, Holiday Barbie 2013, Halloween Barbie 2013

Hi, guys!

Did you miss me? :D I’ve been very, very busy with work and a lot of paperwork for our IRS (called ANAF). Oh, boy… What a nuisance! I had to travel 600 km to my hometown and go every day to their office, for the past week and so, to sort out a lot of mistakes they made with my income taxes. I had such a crazy week and now I’m finally planning to go home to my cats and my husband and rest.

But enough of this! I missed this blog and I thought about it every single day while waiting in the hallway of the ANAF building, trying to get an audience with a tax inspector. :)) So here I am and I have a lot of stuff to show you.

First up are the two GORGEOUS JLo (Jennifer Lopez) Barbie dolls that will be released later this year. I’m not a fan of the celebrity dolls but these dolls are just stunning!

JLO Barbie

The two dolls are (from left to right): Jennifer Lopez as Pop Star and Jennifer Lopez Barbie Red Carpet version. The face doesn’t really look like Jennifer, but the dolls are stunning. I find the new face mold of the red Carpet doll quite interesting. Her mouth is strange but beautiful. Reminds me of Steffie but has a more sophisticated look to it.

I love the hair on the Pop Star doll but the face reminds me a bit of the Beyonce doll. Don’t you think?

photo:willy stylist:mary assist:bill set:lars

Now we’ll just have to wait to see when they will be released and how much they’ll cost.

Next stop are some very interesting playline Barbie dolls that have just been previewed.

First is the playline Halloween Barbie 2013.

Barbie Halloween 2013 Doll

Not a very big imprevement from last year but I’m digging her pink hair. :D

Kmart has released, just like last year, a special edition of the Collector Holiday Barbie 2013.

Photographer Paul Jordan Stylist Mary Jordan

Gorgeous just like last year! I adore this hair colour. Elegant and stunning. A must!

The playline Holiday Barbie dolls 2013 have also been released and they are…boring….

Barbie Holiday 2013 African American Doll

Barbie Holiday 2013 Caucasian Doll

Next we have two Barbie Doll Glam Shower Doll Sets that will come out next month and we’ll retail at aprox $14.99. Cute and I like the shower.

Barbie Doll Glam Shower African American Doll Set

Barbie Doll Glam Shower Caucasian Doll Set

And last, but not least, we have the Barbie Fab Doll and Fashion Pack that will also come ou next month and we’ll retail at $15.99.

Barbie Fab Doll and Fashion Pack

So, guys, any must haves from this list? I’m definetly getting the JLo dolls. <3 And maybe one of the shower sets plus the Kmart special.