July 20th, 2013

Stephen Burrows Alazne Barbie Doll 2013

I’m in awe! Can’t say I was crazy about the first Stephen Burrows doll but I’m totally in love with the new Alazne Barbie. As I emntioned before, I’m not going to post clear pictures of her but I will comment and describe her.

Alazne Barbie 2013

Stephen Burrows Alazne Barbie Doll 2013 is designed by Lynda Kyaw, Gold Label and will be released next month. Her dress is made out of sequins and she’s wearing silver high gloves. On her hear is a beautiful metallic head piece that resemblance the neck decorations wore by some tribes from Africa. Absolutely amazing! I love her and she’s a must. Can’t wait for HQ images. :X

One Response to “Stephen Burrows Alazne Barbie Doll 2013”

  1. Even blurred out, she looks gorgeous. I’ll be getting her. :)

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