Disney Designer Fairytale Couples 2013

I know everybody is waiting for these Disney Designer Fairytale Couples 2013 so here they are! Last time I had shown you just a couple of them but now we have an image that features all of the couples and we also have info regarding their release.

Disney Designer Couples

All the sets will cost $130 and below are the official sketches plus the release date.

Snow White – 20.08.2013


Rapunzel – 03.09.2013


Jasmine – 17.09.2013


Belle – 01.10.2013


Ariel – 15.10.2013


My fave couple is Show White and Prince Charming. She looks both classic and yet modern and chic. Just lovely. I know I’ll never get one of them, but I can still admire them. In 2014 we’ll have 5 more couples of Disney Princesses and their beaus.

Who would you like to see as a Disney Designer Couple next year?

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      I would really love the Snow White set but it’s too expensive and I’m sure I can never get it right away. I bet their prices will sky rocket on eBay.

  1. 5
    Stevie Lou

    It’s only the preorder for the entire set that’s sold out. The individual couple sets are still being released. Snow White and her prince are going to be available in the stores today (8/20) and will be available online the day after, and the other couples will be released a couple of weeks apart through mid-October. I’m personally holding out for Ariel and Eric! ^-^

  2. 7

    Wow, these look exactly like their animated characters! I wonder what prices these go for today. I’m sure they were a good buy if you could get your hands on them in 2013.

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