La Reine de la Nuit Barbie and Paris Doll Convention 2014 info

Finally back home, in front of my dear computer. If you have checked my Facebook page than you already know how amazing the 2013 Barbie Convention dolls look. :X There name is “La Reine de la Nuit” (Queen of The Night) and they were designed by artist duo Edge of 17.

La Reine de la Nuit AA

La Reine De La Nuit Caucazian

They both are gorgeous! I love that they used different facemolds and different hair colours. Yey for diversity! I must get the caucazian version as she’ll look perfect next to the 2010 convention doll designed by Ninimomo. When you look at these dolls don’t you feel like singing “Queen of The Night” by Whitney Houston? :D \:D/

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Next year’s convention info has already been announced and the theme is “Every Day’s A Holiday With Barbie“. The convention will be held in Nashville and the designers of the convention doll will be the wonderfull Alessandro and Guiseppe from Artist Creations. If I am to guess the style of their doll, I have a feeling she’ll be a Silkstone. :P Here some of their creations.

Be sure to check more info on the official Barbie Convention website.

2014 barbie convention info

And speaking of Silkstones, the info for the 2014 Paris Fashion Doll Festival has been revealed. The festival will take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of March and you can already sign up for the festival and the Sybarite event. Here’s the signup form: LINK. I’m definetly going and I hope to see more of my readers there. Also going are Rogier from Dutch Barbie World, Simon from Doll Observers and Monica from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show. Here is the official website of the festival: LINK.

Well this has been a great weekend for all Barbie and doll lovers! Can’t wait to see what next week will bring.

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