Third Sybarite Monoglam doll: Chiffon

The third doll in the Monoglam Sybarite collection is now available on She’s a gorgeous Voltaire sculpt dressed in a elegant yet sexy lace dress.


Voltaire clone: 0801, Default skintone!


Eyes of burnt ginger, dusted in tangerine, lemon and warm chocolate eyeshadow. double liner to top lid in netalic silver, yellow and black. Lips of transparent coral.
Sporting a one piece yellow custom dyed guippure lace slash front dress with multi layer hemline and divinely delicious ribbon bows that peek a boo between the layers of the hem.
Hair of matching yellow in mohair, simply gathered in portions that hang free, frame her face and tie back. Wig is trimmed in silk ribbon bow and whispy centrepart fringe that add to the beautiful aura of summers nonchalant times.
Accessories consist: Custom print silver ‘leather’ bag, ribbon and grosgrain belt , AW tag earings and the daintiest, most delicious yellow stiletto courts ever to grace the Sybarites!

Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.

*prototype shown .
IN STOCK READY TO SHIP. click here for superimage
In stock

Price: £355.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Gawd, I do need one of these dolls! :((

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