Zombie Girls by Jakks Pacific

Ok, so I had to rant here also about the new line of dolls called Zombie Girls by Jakks Pacific. What the …. is wrong with you people?!

Zombie Girls

I get the zombie/undead thingy and that everyone wants to produce dolls that appeal to Monster High collectors, but this is TOO MUCH! How can you create a doll that has a stand that looks like a tomb stone, with the date of birth and the date of death written on it? Really now? Am I the only one that finds this kind of sick?

I usually don’t get all worked up over a “controversial” doll but this a “bit” too much for me. I can only image a girl going to her mommy and saying: “Mommy, mommy, look how beautiful my new dead friend is! She died in 1993 but she looks so nice.:| Can we just stop now with all the zombie dolls and COME UP WITH A NEW IDEA? Enough is enough. Move on, people. Move ON!

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    Kind of Halloween theme somehow. That doll died at the tender age of 16. Creepy. I remember when I was a kid thinking that 14 year old people were “old” . Glad they didn’t have this doll in my vintage childhood… I were be thinking that 16 was good age to die!! LOL –

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    Augh, I am more repelled by the fact that they are referring to a sixteen year old (dead or not) as ‘eyecandy’ than by her being dead. But yeah, whoever thought this would be a good idea should feel bad. It doesn’t look like something that is intended for the adult collector market either. Ugh. :(

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    I love monster high but it is bad enough people in other countrys are making knock off monster high bratzs so why do people try to be like monster high i mean dont they have there own brains.

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