Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie 2013

Via The Doll Cafe group we have a first image of the amazingly beautiful Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie 2013, the second doll from the haunted series. Just a few weeks ago we saw the OOAK version of this doll and here’s the doll we’ll all be able to purchase. Just stunning. I love everything about her.

haunted beauty

Can’t wait to see more images of her. Don’t you think she looks a bit like Elvira? And is that articulation in her arms?

Later edit: here’s a video of her.

Hervé Léger by Max Azria Barbie Behind The Scenes video

Hervé Léger has just published a benind the scenes video of their collaboration with Barbie. Robert Best is having a sit down with Lubov Azria, BCBG Max Azria‘s chief creative officer, talking about the new Hervé Léger FW 2013-2014 collection and Barbie being their client. Check it our below.


Also check out the prototype dresses on the dolls. I would love to see the design process involved in creating a Barbie doll. :X That is my ultimate dream!


La Reine de la Nuit Barbie Doll official photos

Mattel has uploaded images of the two convention dolls from this year’s National Barbie Convention on BarbieCollector.com. Gosh, the caucazian one is gorgeous. I have a thing for redheads but don’t we all? :P

La Reine de la Nuit Barbie Doll


Here’s the official description of the dolls:

Platinum Label®
Release Date: 7/10/2013
Product Code: X8286
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The 2013 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention welcomes you to The Big Easy to celebrate our own favorite queen of the night. Celebrating the mysterious magic of NOLA, La Reine de la Nuit™ Barbie® doll is designed by Edge of 17. This creative duo has been shaking up the one-of-a-kind doll world since 2008 with their cutting edge, celebrity, and rocker themed dolls. Their inspiration was born from Raphael Estrada’s undying passion for music and underground fashion. A professional hair stylist and an avid collector of celebrity dolls, he also focused his talent on creating remarkable celebrity dolls. Joseph Kenyon, the other half of Edge of 17, contributes his talent for both design and business.

You can see the dolls HERE and HERE.

The bidding has started!

Get your wallets ready. The bidding for the charity auction from the Madrid Fashion Doll Show has started and now you have a chance to win some amazing dolls and other Barbie related items. Can’t wait to see who gets the beautiful “Charity Madrid Premier Beauty Winner” or the gorgeous sketch by Linda Kyaw.

Click on the picture below to see all the dolls and bid. Don’t forget this is for a good cause. ;)


Hunger Games Katniss Catching Fire Barbie 2013

Thanks to my friend Lubo we have a first image of the new Hunger Games Catching Fire Barbie.

katniss catching fire barbie

Unfortunately the first Katniss Barbie didn’t sell very well so I wonder how this girl will do. In my oppinion this one looks way better and more fierce. Thoughts?

Image via

Info about “La II Convención Nacional de Barbie”

Next month, on the 5th and 6th of October, the second national Barbie convention will take place in Spain. The convention will be held in Madrid, at the Tryp Atocha hotel and below you can see the schedule. Unfortunately I’ll not be able to attend the convention via Skype but I’m sure the other bloggers will do a great job.


I for one can’t wait to see the convention doll created by David Bocci. :D For more info check out El Blog de Ken.

For sale: Paris Luncheon Silkstone Barbie

I’m selling my 2013 Paris Fashion Doll Festival doll, the beautiful Paris Luncheon Silkstone Barbie. She’s stil sealed in the paper wrap she came in and her certificate of authenticity is signed by both Robert Best and Linda Kyaw.

Price: 450 euro + shipping. Email me at contact (a t) papusilemele (d o t) com if you are interested in her.


Les Fleurs Du Mal (THE FLOWERS OF EVIL) OOAK Barbie

The Black Swan Company has just released two images of their new creation, a beautiful doll called Les Fleurs Du Mal (THE FLOWERS OF EVIL). She is inspired by Charles Baudelaire poetry book and she’s just gorgeous.



When I saw her I imediatly thought about one of his poems that I really enjoy:

Sonnet d’automne

Ils me disent, tes yeux, clairs comme le cristal:
“Pour toi, bizarre amant, quel est donc mon mérite?”
— Sois charmante et tais-toi! Mon coeur, que tout irrite,
Excepté la candeur de l’antique animal,

Ne veut pas te montrer son secret infernal,
Berceuse dont la main aux longs sommeils m’invite,
Ni sa noire légende avec la flamme écrite.
Je hais la passion et l’esprit me fait mal!

Aimons-nous doucement. L’Amour dans sa guérite,
Ténébreux, embusqué, bande son arc fatal.
Je connais les engins de son vieil arsenal:

Crime, horreur et folie! — Ô pâle marguerite!
Comme moi n’es-tu pas un soleil automnal,
Ô ma si blanche, ô ma si froide Marguerite?

You can see more of their creations on their Facebook page and you can also read the interview I did with them I short while back.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show – The Doll Making of Madrid Premier Beauty

This gorgeous girl is coming to me soon and I promise I’ll do a detailed review of her but first let’s watch this amazing and emotional video with the making of “Madrid Premier Beauty“.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention Doll

Madrid Fashion Doll Show – The Doll Making of from Francisco José Collado on Vimeo.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show: Charity Auction Dolls

The gala may be over but the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2013 is not. On September 28th the second part of the charity event will take place on eBay where a lot of amazing dolls will be auctioned for a good cause. All the money raised from this auction will be given to the “Red Cross” for the project “No child without a Toy at Christmas”. Money has already been raised at the Gala dinner were dolls made by artists such as Oskar Coleccionista, Mery Lp, Ovaz, Yolanda Cañete, Paco Vazque, Daniel Crea en Rosa, Beatriz SanMat & Chicas Wu and Monlew were sold and managed to raise more than 1300 euros. Congratulations! I hope you’ll raise even more money with the second part of the auction.

If you want to help this cause and have a chance to own some amazing dolls and other Barbie related items be sure to check out the user “madridfds_charity” from eBay. The OOAK Artist and dolls to auction are:
Magia 2000: Magia Showgirl in Madrid
Artist Creations: Peony
Black Swan Company: “The queen of swans”
Monlew Luis Manuel and Monica del Castillo: Madrid Premier Beauty Winner OOak version of convention doll “Madrid premier Beauty Barbie”
Cotho: Elodie creationscotho.com/elodie.htm
Arnaldo doll´s restaurations:
Marcelo Jacob: Diva OOak Doll and giftset
Ovaz: “The Guardian of the children” & “Gaga”
Paco Alcaide: Rose Royal
Alfonso Carlús: Dark Night Glamour
Sergio López: land of Pharaohs
Blanca Martos: Fantine “Les Miserables”
Leticia Alonso: Irma la Douce
Daniel Rodriguez: MY Fair Lady Inspiration Red Carpet
Luis Robles: Vedette in Pink.
Bendición Martin Castillo donation: Paris convention doll exclusive “Luncheon Emsemble”
Picture Oleo By Juan Grande of “Madrid Premier Beauty Barbie”
Linda Kyaw picture framed Sketch of Milan Charity doll

Let the bidding wars begin! Good luck to everyone.

ooak rosa