A great blog to follow: Kattis Dockor

September 14, 2013

If you have a passion for Barbie doll and friends face molds and history then you definetly know Katti’s website. I discovered it years ago and it has been a great resource anytime I wasn’t sure about a certain doll. Last year I also met Katti online and found out she’s just as great as her website. :X

Not too long ago she also opened a blog in Swedish, called Kattis Dockor. I know you might be taken back by the fact that the blog in not in English but we always have Google Translate. :D It may not be 100% perfect but it’s enought that you understand what she’s writing. I begged her today to write in English and she said she might. Until then be sure to bookmark her blog and be sure read it.


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