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An interview about fashion and style: Cholo Ayuyao

September 16, 2013

I’ve started admiring Cholo Ayuyao‘s work some time ago and fell desperately in love with it from the very first second. His intricate designs, amazing attention to details and breath taking fashions has made him one of the most respected designers in the world of dolls.


Last week he graciously agreed to answer some of my questions that I hope you’ll enjoy. I tried to make them as interesting as possible so please enjoy them.

1. I know a lot of people love your work but please tell my readers, who have just discovered your work, a little about you.
Im Cholo, from the Philippines, im 34 years of age, Taurean so im naturally bullish and very creative. I Love to cook when i don’t do doll couture or costume jewelry (which is my real job) and ive been on the doll scene just a little over 4 years now.

Queen of the Hive Detox

Queen of the Hive Detox

2. First of all let’s talk about them, THE DOLLS. What dolls do you have on your “fierce list” and why?
I don’t have a definite list on particular dolls but as a doll couture designer, i have preference in terms of the best dolls to dress up and do couture with. Numina by Paul Pham for me will always have the best body for couture (at least stuffs that i do) because their bodies are perfect for it. ample but not big bust, enough leg length, expressive hands, and head size that is proportional when dressed. Second for me are Sybarites, specially the ones with the latest generation body. Fabrics behave better than the older body that they have, more articulation, and the sculpts are amazing. I always tend to repaint my dolls depending on the style i want them to be when i’m doing couture for them. thats why i’m more of a sculpt collector than in bulk. I want my dolls ever changing like a chameleon.

3. Haute couture vs pret-a-porter. What do you chose for your dolls and why?
Obviously Couture. I’m an old soul i think, and i like studying old school couture processes. Hand beading, embellishments, lace, impossible patterns and make it work… I love that vibe to emulate with my work.

4. If you had to chose one of these theme for a future collection which would you chose? “Fantasy metamorph”, “Gothic succubus”, “High Class Dominatrix” or “Innocent Unicorn Lady”? Detail a little bit how you envision the chosen theme.
Fantasy Metamorph- I do write before, and i love these genre of story telling and i love how it seemingly to have never ending possibilities when it comes to designs. I love the word Metamorphosis too, since it involves change, progress… a word you would always want to be associated with design. I might choose fabrics such as draped silks, tulle, and even organically occurring forms in nature, like natural barks, leaf skeleton veins as prints, insects as inspirations like in the construction of a suit or a gown folded and draped like a tulip with twig headpieces with bejeweled butterflies in them…

5. Tell us an inspiring story from your life as a uber creative designer.
I could tell you this, i remember the time when i was at preparatory school, i had a pencil in hand and a pad on my desk and started doodling. then there it was, my first fashion illustration. it wasnt good, it was a venus cut top and a ball skirt, maybe fashion then to me where from fairy tales thats why… but from how i see it now, i’m bound to be in the fashion industry no matter what. and as i was growing older, my mother discovered this hidden sketches of mine, in between my robot drawings and my mother embraced whatever i have to show, she encouraged me to do what i do and maybe there was a good foundation for creativity, because i was given freedom at a young age.



6. Silk, denim, leather and sequins. What are your favorite materials and why?
I could never live without tulle and lace. these are primarily my building blocks. Tulle is light and behaves very well in doll scale, and you can layer it as much as you want without having the trouble of bulking up. You can use it in volumes, and light detailing, drapes and pleats… lace, i’m basically a romantic, and i love the allure of lace, giving you endless possibilities.

7. Have you ever been requested to create a doll for an important international convention? If not, would you like to?
Actually, right now i’m working on a Metro Dolls Club in the USA, it will be for a charity auction and for one of the exhibits. So I’m excited.

8. 1:6 scale or 1:4 scale dolls? And why?
I started with 1:6th scale dolls before from barbie to FRs, but when i discovered resin, i never went back. It was inevitable for me to be in that scale because i think i could do more in that scale. Resin i discovered is my favorite when it comes to repainting face ups, its easier for me and the sculpts have a lot of variety. And the fact that in 1:4th scale, more possibilities when it comes to materials since it is bigger.

9. Have you ever considered creating a doll entirely by yourself? If yes, do you have any ideas you can share with us?
I was asked about this a lot of time, they said that its the common path that people like me did when they were starting…. and now they all have their own lines of fashion dolls. But as for me, i opt not to. I love to collaborate with other doll artists out there, it gives you a chance to complement their work instead of competing with them, it makes a moment when doll enthusiasts gasp, when they see multiple doll artists merge together for a common project, it creates more smiles and inspiration for the newer ones. Dolls after all are play things, its supposed to be fun, enjoyable…

10. Last but not least, send a shout out to all my readers and tell us what do expect from you in the future.
As of now, the fall/winter collections are in sketches and are about to be started this month (hopefully) and should be released by late october or early november… its an 8-10 piece collection of OOAK Couture in 1:4th scale, and the working title is “D.N.A.

Pastel Perfect 1.4

Be sure to check out his Flickr account and see all his amazing designs.

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