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Exclusive Kmart playline Barbie dolls

September 19, 2013

Kmart has listed some cute playline dolls that I wanted to present to you. I have already shown you an IRL image of the Barbie I Can Be Make Up Artist 2 Pack Dolls set on Facebook but I wanted to show you the promo image also as it’s HQ and you can now see all the details.

Barbie I Can Be Make Up Artist 2 Pack Dolls

I do like Barbie’s “client” (she’s nameless) but I do wish they were fully articulated. I might consider getting this set as the price is ok: $20.99. What I find very funny is the HUGE brush Barbie is holding. :)) What’s up with that? It should work better in a “I Can Paint a Room” set and not this one. :))

Next we have a Barbie and sisters set called Barbie Sisters Fishing Fun! Multipack. A fun set with no articulation. :( Priced at $25.99.

Barbie Sisters Fishing Fun

Last but not least is a I Can be Career Hair Stylist Doll that wears some very cute boots. Except for the pink look of the doll she’s cute and the price is ok: $12.99.

Barbie  I Can be Career Hair Stylist Doll

Can’t wait for the Holiday season to come so that we’ll get tons of new dolls. :D

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