Hunger Games Katniss Catching Fire Barbie 2013

Thanks to my friend Lubo we have a first image of the new Hunger Games Catching Fire Barbie.

katniss catching fire barbie

Unfortunately the first Katniss Barbie didn’t sell very well so I wonder how this girl will do. In my oppinion this one looks way better and more fierce. Thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Hunger Games Katniss Catching Fire Barbie 2013

  1. I dont like this one either. I expected the white dress too (I have no idea where I got this idea from, as I dont follow the books or the movie). Hopefully the male dolls look cute, but Im not impressed with Katniss V2. To me, its just a redress. Also the braid looks funny to me, its almost as big as her head !

    Im worried they used the same legs like the old one and not the pivotal legs (the one that goes 360 vs the one that goes up and down)

  2. I’m very interested in the face. Is that a new face mold? If it is, I’m so getting her. She would look great with her hair down and dressed in something more elaborate.

  3. I *like* this one, and will buy her, however like the others, I REALLY wish they would have released her in one of her gorgeous gowns! I’m slightly disappointed on that.

    Hopefully the Effie Trinket doll doesn’t disappoint!

  4. I thought she was going to wear her Capitol portrait wedding dress! So disappointed! And yes, her braid is almost bigger than her head.:-( So disappointed!!!!!!

  5. I love her face hey gues who don´t like her ! this is Barbie doll facial sculpt debut I mean her first time is up to Mattel´s manufacurers create another styles like they do with other Barbie dolls just to quote some examples of facial sculpt have been making a big hit up till now :Barbie AA Desirrée facial sculpt,at playline know as Nikki,Barbie Tribal ,Barbie doll Summer and Teresa at playline dolls Dreamhouse and so on let´s give her a shot to stand out like the others fabulous and amazing Barbie dolls

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