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Info about the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014

October 5, 2013

We have fresh news about the Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2014 that will take place in September of next yeard, just as this year, and will have another glam theme: La Dolce Vita.

madrid fashion doll show 2014

The glam week will start on the 12th of September 2014 and will end on the 14th. The first day will have a great MOD party, followed by the Gala Dinner next day and the salesroom on Sunday. The convention doll will be a Silkstone just as in Paris and Milan.

Now, let me be very, very honest with you and hope that you will not judge or hate me for what I’m going to say. :D I love the Silkstones I got from Paris and Milano this year. They are gorgeous and I’m so proud to have them in my collection. But not everybody collects Silkstones. There are a lot of other Barbie collectors out there that love other dolls such as the wonderfull creations Bill Greening makes or the amazing designs by Linda Kyaw. I would LOVE to see some of their designs as convention dolls. Just look at the gorgeous La Belle Epoque or the amazing doll from this year’s Madrid convention. I would love to see more dolls like that. Can I hope for something like that in 2015 maybe? :D And let me say this again…I don’t want to make anybody upset or take away from you the amazing job that you are doing with all of these conventions. I’m just stating my oppininon as a passionate Barbie and doll collector. ;)

So who am I going to see next year in Madrid? Are any of my readers coming to this convention?

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