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An interview about art, dolls and beauty: Artist Creations

November 13, 2013

I have to admit I have a thing for Italian OOAK artists. I adore Magia 2000 and Artist Creations and when I heard the latter are going to be the official designers for the 2014 National Barbie Convention I was beyond thrilled.

Below is a beautiful interview I did with the amazing Alessandro and Giuseppe from Artist Creations. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Hi guys! So happy for you. It’s such an honour to be chosen as the designers of the convention doll for the national Barbie convention. How did Mattel chose you? Tell us the story.
Hi dear Ada , yes !! to be the designers for the National Barbie Collectors Convention 2014 is a real honor for us and we are plesed to be the choice to the Commitee and Mattel too.
During these years of Barbie Conventions in US ( 10 times) a lot collectors ask for us like designers of the Souvenir Doll because they have think about us like a team ready for make something special like this . For this reasons the Convention Commitee have decide to select us like only one designer team (no competition) for this amazing event that combines two important moments, The Barbie Convention and Barbie 55th Anniversary. In fact 2014 is a particular year for Barbie and we feel a great responsibility to realize this project in this special year .
The Convention theme will be “Every Day’s A Holiday With Barbie” and probably they have choose us for interpret this theme in base to our background in the theatrical costumes and fashions , classic and modern at the same time with a little touch of timeless. Designed by Artist Creations , produced by MATTEL .


2. Tell us more about Artist Creations. How did you start and how did you chose your name?
Many years have passed since that first experience, born for hobby, and that no one would have imagined would take us so far.
Everything starts at the end of 1996 when, for the first in Italy, we’ll show the phenomenon of the OOAK dolls and how the pioneers that performed something never seen before, landed in a famous shop of exclusive items for collectors of Rome, which asked us to create a collection of 20 dolls all entirely designed and hand-packed by us in every detail. In a few days all the dolls sold and went from there was born a three-year collaboration with a permanent showcase all ‘inside of the shop, until 1999, the year of our first Italian Convention organized by Barbie Collectors Club Italy in Calenzano (Florence) with the name of “Artist Creations”
For the first time the Italian collectors could see and admire our exclusive creations so as to decree an instant hit with critics and audiences.
Our name is a perfect combination of two words that we love so much :” Art” and “ Creations” and when we have think about us we have think about a group of two person that make art. Us , the Artist” and our “Creations” ;-)

Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis

3. You create all sorts of amazing dolls. What are your favorite themes?
Each doll is a piece of us because infused with passion, love and dedication to this that was born as a hobby , a long time now it has become a real craft that travels , full-fledged , on parallel tracks to our main activity in the field of the show.
Is hard to choose one in particular , but if we do , we will refer to a very specific kind of our products or the ” Fantasy – Creation .”
In this section , which is one of the three which the foundations of our works together with the ” Fashion – Couture ” and ” Celebrity” , contains the essence of our style and our background in costume with a footprint sometimes theatrical sometimes film that instills in them a “trademark ” indelible now recognized and recognizable by the general public and professionals.
No greater compliment received is the same as the one done by those who, in front of our own creation exclaims: “I immediately recognized your hand .”
This “section”, allows us to fully express our art to the best of our ability, pulling out all the ‘ creative flair and imagination that dwells in us.

DOLL ME UP-4bis-horz

4. Who are your clients? Describe the people that buy your dolls. What do they love about them?
Who that we love to call our “supporters” comes from different worlds and from different age , by collectors and amateurs of this kind of thing that many call “pieces of art”, this is a definition of our dolls that makes us very happy because we understand that people see in our creations something more than just a doll but something to admire and collect.
We are very grateful to them because a long years (more than 15) have allowed us to express ourselves creatively and make our dream come true.
Is a real magic when style meets the appreciation of many collectors who wish to have one our creation in their collection
In our dolls they love the Italian style and the care that we put into rebuilding the clothes in miniature in every minute details

5. I know you have donated dolls in the past to other conventions. Tell us about those dolls.
When we have the opportunity to help we are always in the forefront, in these years we have donated many dolls for charity events that have collect thousands of dollars for charity. These creations are very special for us because they allow us to do one good thing for someone and feel good at the same time.
On all occasions our donated dolls achieved magnificent results and have had great admiration because these are so articulate and precious projects where we put all our efforts to do something special.

6. Have you started working on the doll for the national convention? How long will it take you to create her?
The work of the Convention doll started many months ago and now everything is ready and finished . We have worked for many weeks very close to the committee and we have created step by step all the details of the project. In fact, the last convention in New Orleans we have had an important meeting with the Mattel staff and the Art Director of the “Barbie Collector” Robert Best to whom we showed the prototype and one very detailed “work in progress” that they enjoyed so much , telling us that ours presentation was the best presentation of a Convention Doll never seen before and would like to use this as an example for all the designers that will be in the future , between the applause and the compliments of the entire staff.

DOLL ME UP-14bis-horz

7. Tell us more about the process of creating a doll.
Not always our projects start from the sketch and become dolls, sometimes the opposite happens or , more generally , our technique is to put out all the materials and try the ‘ inspiration
Often combinations of colors come randomly as well as models without a fixed pattern unless it is reconstructed clothes or famous celebrities.
About it , in 2006 , we have given rise to a peculiar phenomenon , which later spread to other studios, our ” portrait dolls ” dolls “portrait ” in the image and likeness of the Movie or Music stars with one so special godmother , the Italian movie star Sophia Loren and the famous series of dolls inspired by her . With her, all began and many were then the great divas italian and international to which we dedicated tributes and homages real such as Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Raffaella Carra , Laura Pausini, Loretta Goggi , Amanda Lear , Anna Falchi, Lorella Cuccarini , Valeria Marini, Moira Orfei , Anna Oxa, Sandra Milo , Ambra Angiolini , just to name a few , many of whom we have had the privilege to meet you personally and give them a doll ” mini me ” to them image and likeness signed Artist Creations .

8. Do you have a muse, someone who is your no1 inspiration?
We take our inspiration from many things, fashion, music, cinema but if you ask if we have an particular icon , we can tell you that she is certainly the Italian-American singer Madonna.
It is about the stars from the show business, but usually we love to tell the story of the first OOAK doll signed by Artist Creations. Born like a tribute to the Italian cinema, the first doll signed Artist Creations enclosed in if the spirit and soul of the great movies of the past and present, interpreted by us with the ‘iconic image of the “film strip” entirely hand-embroidered with small black crystals and Murano glass cleverly juxtaposed. And so, with enthusiasm and excitement, we realized this prototype, the one that we still affectionately call the “number 1” that would represent the ‘beginning of our adventure, and subsequently the’ beginning of the production of dolls OOAK (one of a kind / unique) or, an incredible passport to travel the world and get to know our work to all around the world .

DOLL ME UP-11bis

9. Last year you had an amazing Madonna collection. Will you have another collection soon?
One of the highlights of our entire production are certainly the ” Madonna Dolls ” Dolls tribute to the Queen of Pop Madonna that reproduce in miniature all the details of the costumes and outfits worn by a 30- year career diva , as well as his features physiognomic reconstructed in detail as the original .
“The guys Madonna of the Dolls ” , this is the name by which we are recognized and acclaimed in the world community of the Madonna fans . We are great fans of her for a long time and we are very happy to have the opportunity to recreate her into a doll.
We have make a lot exhibition with our famous Madonna Dolls but the best is happen last August 2013 with our special tribute to the Queen of POP inspired by the look of the ” Blonde Ambition Tour” that is was honored to gift toe her in person during the opening of her gym, the Hard Candy Fitness’ The best for us with the additional satisfaction to know from the voice of her personal assistant Sarah these words:
“Madonna said to know your dolls and appreciate them so much “.
A lot collection are in work in progress including new Madonna Dolls , of corse !! Stay tuned !!!

Madonna Like A Virgin 1984-horz

10. Future plans. Lets talk about them. What do you want to do in the future (dolls, conventions etc)?
A lot are the projects that we have and we are sure that will give us many satisfactions, but we prefer to wait to reveal what will be because we want to be a surprise for our fans and supporters
What we can say is that Artist Creations is engaged in many projects that will be developed during 2014 One of the closest is the retrospective exhibition: “A passion that continues” to be held over the next Oct. 26/27 2013 in San Benedetto Del Tronto (Italy ) where we will exhibit OOAK creations since 1999 untill today that have made the history of our brand

11. And here is the end of our small interview. Tell my readers something special from you.
We want to thank you dear Ada to host this interview in your wonderful blog.
Your followers are very lucky to have a platform like this where They can find all the news and all the curiosity that happen in the world of fashion dolls.
Ss a pleasure and an honor for us to share this wonderful space with all of them and tell our story that we hope will be an example to those who want to start now to create dolls.
Keep following us to discover our creations and our secrets on our Facebook pages : “Artist Creations” , “Madonna Dolls” or on our personal profile : Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis.

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Madonna Girl Gone Wild 2012-horz

Pictures by Mr. Marco Colletti Global Art Director @ Walt Disney

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