New 2014 Barbie Glam Luxe Style Second Wave

I just woke up to this amazing piece of news. Mattel has released the second wave of Barbie Glam Luxe Style dolls and they are just amazing! This has got to be Mattel’s best series ever. And it also has Midge! :X I’m so in love with them.

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie Floral Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie Floral Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Raquelle Metallic Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Raquelle Metallic Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie Damask Doll

Barbie Glam Luxe Fashion Barbie Damask Doll

Barbie Glam Midge Luxe Fashion Doll

Barbie Glam Midge Luxe Fashion Doll

They are so amazing and that Midge is to die for! My faves are Midge and Raquelle. But every single one of them is jus gorgeous. They retail for $19.99 and you can already find them at Target. Kudos Mattel. :X

Quick sale: Barbie Boater Ensemble Milan and Barbie Luncheon Ensemble Barbie Silkstones

I need to quickly sell my two Silkstone convention dolls from the show in Paris and Milan. I’m selling them as a pack. You will not find them cheaper anywhere. price: 600 euros. Click here for my listing on The Doll Page Show and Sell Site.


Please email me for any info and additional images.

It’s almost Christmas and we have some new playline dolls

Wow, guys! It’s almost Christmas. I’ve been very, very, very busy at work as these are the last days before the winter holidays so forgive me for not posting as much as I wanted. can’t wait for the holiday so I can sit in bed all day, write on my blogs and take pictures of my dolls.

Anyway here are some new dolls and playsets that can already be found in shops.

Barbie Sisters Bike for Two! Doll 2-Pack

Barbie Sisters Bike for Two! Doll 2-Pack

I do wish they would stop with the pink. Girl = pink is such bullshit! Girls like other colours, you know?

Barbie Sisters Safari Doll and Tent Playset

Barbie Sisters Safari Doll and Tent Playset

I have a thing for tents. I love this theme and one of my favorite Barbie series is Camp Barbie form the 90s.

Barbie Bedtime Princess Doll

Barbie Bedtime Princess Doll 5

Remember Bedtime Barbie from 1994? I so loved that doll and I remember seeing the commercial on the cartoon channels I used to watch in the weekends.


Barbie Fairytale Birthday Princess Doll

Barbie Fairytale Birthday Princess Doll 2

Nice and…pink.

Barbie Fairytale Mix and Match Dress Up Playset

Barbie Fairytale Mix and Match Dress Up Playset


And last but not least:

Barbie Fashionistas 2014

fashionistas 2014

Well at least these have less pink! The first dress is really cut but I hate that they took away the articulation. :(

So anything caught your attention?

New Dagamoart collection: Utopia

Dagamoart has released a new and beautiful Fall Winter Casual Collection 2014 called Utopia. The collection consists of some great coats, some chic skirts and all sorts of other fashion accesories that can make your doll look fabulous this winter. Check out the entire collection HERE. All orders to be placed by email and will be shipped on the first-come-first-served basis.


An open letter to Mattel

Dear, Mattel.
We, your loving and faithful collectors, love you and everything you represent. Because of you an amazing icon was born, a doll that have brought us together, an inspiration that has change our lives, that has made us stronger and has been a ray of light in troubled times. This is why we would like you to listed to us and our requests and complains because they truly come from loving hearts. Over the years Barbie has undergone through some changes and not all of them have been ok for the collecting community. This is why I have asked my beautiful friends and collectors to share with all out there what they would like to see and change in the Barbie world. Here are some quotes:

open letetr to mattel

“My 2 cents, apart from the apparent that has already been stated here (glue heads, painted on tops, big heads, cheap doll stands etc) is to stop making Barbie look so inexpensively made (but still her prices go up and up). The Mattel I know and love would NEVER compromise on the quality, their old motto “We are dedicated to quality products” should be the same today as then.”

“BUT THE VERY TRUE and collector´s main disturbing thing is ALL THE MONEY WE LOST ON CUSTOMS AND EXTRA SHIPPING COST. We really need a Barbie collector Fan Club in Europe to save on customs and shipping …. All that money we lost is money that Mattel is loosing. It is insane to pay 80 Euros in Madrid to buy a City shopper doll at “Corte InglĂ©s ” mall when it is 24.99$ reatail price at barbie collector that makes 19 Euros ….. anybody can make numbers….”

“Please mattel return te normal head to the barbie playline !!! Since 2004 Barbie playline looks bad … Am sad Because a lot people think the same like me .”

“To begin with; More Pivotal Bodies, I think many of us could be very happy to have more dolls originally in pivotal bodies. We love Modelmuse, but Pivotal bodies are much more comparable to other collector doll lines out there, and then is an interesting opportunity to capture many of us that make OOAK and pictures of so many dolls, the articulated bodies make a very interesting option for adult collectors.”

“Playline: I’ve given up on a return to normal head size, but please stop using glue in the heads. Stop giving Ken molded hair. Most importantly, give us fashions that are complete all around, not plain in the back!”

You can see all the messages HERE.

So please, Mattel read all of these messages and listen to your collectors. I know you have done so in the past year (the Barbie Style line is definetly a step in the right direction) but there still are more issues that need to be solved: no more glue heads, smaller heads in playline dolls, pivotal bodies, more attention to details etc.

Your loving and true collectors

Two new Barbie cars for 2014

Hi, guys! Just a quick post to show you some new Barbie cars that just came out.
First we have the Barbie Sisters Safari Cruiser that looks nice but definetly not special enough for $19.99. I’ve seen sooooooooooo many Barbie cruisers over the years that they just bore me to death right now.

Barbie Sisters Safari Cruiser2

The second car is a new version of the classic Barbie Glam Convertible that retails at $14.99. Good price but I would really like a car that doesn’t make Barbie look like a giant in it. Can you please respect the scale of the doll and create a car suitable for her hight? :D

Barbie Glam Convertible2