New 2014 Tonner Sindy sneak peeks!

2014 is off to a great start! The Vintage Sindy Facebook page has shared with us this wonderful image of the new Tonner Sindy dolls that will come out this year. The images are development samples only and not production dolls but I like them.

sindy tonner 2014

My fave is the first girl on the left but I’m very intrigued by the brunette girl with the pink glasses and pink blouse from the upper row, in the middle. She doesn’t look very Sindy to me. Hmmmm… The makeup is too strong in my opinion.

What are your thoughts?


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    Johnny Clarke

    I LOVE the new Sindy, she has the look of vintage Sindy and even the opufits hark back to early outfits but yet are present day fashion, a VERY clever and well thought out look, I would absolutely LOVE the whole collection already !! I really hope they are released inj the UK ! Johnny x x x

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    Pat Gillmore

    Cute dolls, but don’t really look like Sindy. Remind me of Tiny Kitty, which I also collect. I hope Tonner price them competitively as their dolls are usually expensive (but you do get fantastic detail in the outfits and the shoes are minatures of adult shoes, not plastic). They also charge quite a bit to ship to the UK, so I hope they do appoint some UK distributors !

  3. 4
    Rose Red

    Hideous. A travesty. I’m not a Sindy collector, but I do know a fair bit about her and have had most of her outfits and incarnations pass through my hands. I also know how to manufacture dolls, having done so myself with my business partner. What was so hard in taking an existing doll and making a mold for mold copy – which I know they did not do. Awful, and such a shame – too Americanised as well. Ditch that horrible ballet pink and ball gown, do!

  4. 5
    Betty Virago

    Waited so long, and dissapointed. Nice dolls, and close(ish) to Sindy, but not Sindy. Not the doll I grew up with. All that waiting and what a letdown.

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